Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Wisdom and Knowledge' (Part #193)

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I am surrounded by labyrinths and thinking about which one to choose. There are several and even though it would be amusing to walk through all of them, that would probably take half a day. To many dilemmas the simplest solution is usually the correct one, so... The closest one is "The labyrinth of Wisdom and Knowledge". Chosen! Let's go!

Walking through the "energy field of wisdom and knowledge" reminds me of a funny story that happened several years ago. A friend of mine and his wife had a fierce discussion of what is more important in life: wisdom or knowledge, while they were driving to a garden party. He arrived an hour late and she never came.

So after a while, we asked him where is she and he answered that he didn't know and told us what had happened. Apparently, the discussion got so heated that they both left the car at the same time and never looked back. He walked straight to the party.

Now, this would be just an ordinary difference of opinions of a married couple who have the nerve for such, if the police didn't ring my friend to ask him if someone has stolen his car. They've found it standing on the same spot - doors opened, engine running... Neither one of them went back to switch off the engine and lock the car. Rich people and their problems, eh? Stubborn ego over everything else... :-D

It seems that the labyrinth does have certain powers, as to make me remember this story. After all, theirs was a discussion about wisdom and knowledge, right? He also told all the details - he was in favour of knowledge, she of wisdom, but this is as far as I remember. A year or two after this they got divorced. Damn philosophy, eh? :D

I think both knowledge and wisdom work in strong unison and one doesn't yield much merit without the other. For what is all the knowledge if there is no wisdom to direct it; or isn't all the wisdom useless without much knowledge about how the world works? It's much like a woman and a man believing and supporting each other.

Or my Precious and me, if you prefer the comparison... :D

Enjoy your day! :-)

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It's a good thing that the labyrinth is not divided with tall walls. It's easy to get lost in them. I'd love to see the view from the top. A drone would be handy!


Good its a feel a joy once you make it to the point

Thanks for an interesting post, great photos and a fascinating question.
I think the photo before the last conveys just your message: we see a maze of roads leading to the same circle - just like you said - the wisdom and the knowledge work in unity in the end, even if it looks like they are a bit different, just like the maze's road lead to the same whole circle.

I study medicine - and in my field you have to learn a waste body of knowledge, and then use your wisdom to implement it - so I really agree with your conclusion :)

And either way - if one of your friends was knowledgeable - he would know he has to shut down the engine, and if the other have wisdom - he should be smart enough to turn the car off too... so it's rather funny that after that hot talk - none of them implemented what he was after.

Welcome to episode #193
Well @velimir First of all i would like to express about the spot you chose for ride

"The labyrinth of Wisdom and Knowledge"

The rocks and location is very much attractive and one easily read hundreds of books by sitting on that bench for hours ( it's my personal choice, one can also do photography ).
Well your Black Beautiful Bike is breathtaking Man! and i am sure it will always gives you feeling of Celebrity when ever you take ride on it.

Lets move towards the other side of the Blog which was a Fight among Husband & Wife. There is famous quote about family life of husband and wife;

Many marriages would be better if the husband and the wife clearly understood that they are on the same side.

This approach removes all the issues and ambiguities among two souls. I felt really painful they ended up in the form of divorce. Hope so they would be enjoying at their respective places.

You concluded whole story with beautiful philosophy

It's much like a woman and a man believing and supporting each other.

100% true and fact based philosophy is it.

Keep sharing such beautiful philosophies with us to make our life more better.

Stay Blessed, Steem On!


Wowww. You said it all friend. Great comment.

Every human being has wisdom capacity. However, reaching this high level of consciousness requires a certain amount of time and energy to be consumed. If no effort is made, this hidden light inside the person goes out. To extinguish the light, it is necessary to develop human qualities such as love, friendship and help which are in the building of the people and which form a power when they come together. @velimir

It seems to me that he always used to come in time at any party, but due to a little letting on that day there was such an exciting situation And photography on your motorcycles and stones is amazing

you continued yesterday's post about labyrinths, I was waiting for this :) Probably the labyrinth really has some strengths that would make you remember what you wrote and give the power to share it with us ... it's interesting


Absolutely I aggree. The writer is really gifted.

Now days traveling with motor cycle is not safe. Many accidents happened and biker are injured more then opposite vehicle. Avoid long trips with Motorcycles.


Nice word of wisdom my friend, very true.


Well guys... the roads here are still not covered with snow! :)

Excellent velimir bro!!!Good example to understand the relationships and keeping their egos aside.i liked concepts that varies one post to other. I have to learn a lot from you. Thanq bro☺

The story is cool, that is why if in a marriage if one is angry then the other half shouldn't get angry too even if he/she is angry so that the argument couldn't heat up to a bad level. @velimir though the pictures doesn't relate to the story as well as they are tinted in a color that makes it not so beautiful.


@shivgre absolutely right, marriage life has to be full of love and not full of arguments. No two persons are same but that is how it is. @velimir the story is great though the ending was not a happy ending haha.

You have a great poetry talent and you also a great story teller. i read your every line in this post and shile reading i am thinking about the way you arranger the words are just awesome.
Keep it up we all are waiting for your next post

I like your ideas

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Always great to discover new articles and I really like yours!
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Wowww. I like your work dear. Nice photography. Keep it up dear friend, you are very talented.

Odličan post prijatelju ! ;)

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hehehe samo ti spamaj... :P


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I am motorcycle crazy

very nice :)

great post like always

Wowwwww. Amazing post, really love this post. Most expectially the story of the couple having a difference on knowledge and wisdom. That is really deep! Great writeup friend. I love your work.

I'm tired of making posts but never satisfactory like you and I never stop making posts in steemit, because I really like to learn to make a good post. I can know how to make a good post? so that my post looks attractive to friends in steemit.



Its a learning process friend, keep it up and in time you will smile forever.

This is captivating post, i look forward to see more of you, these because there is power in information


Yes of course good friend, information is everything friend.

you need both things wisdom and knowledge absolutely right. great example of men and women keep sharing

Wow nice post. Perfect photography

oh im jealous of you.. :) anyway very beautiful captures..thanks for being humble enough to share this beauty with us them alot :)

All these stones are arranged so beautifully. I love this bike, This is just awesome.
Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

wow, awesome post dear with the picture. I always like to read your post ,,, because of your great travel story with awesome travel picture.

@velimir nice pictures most importantly the bike is awesome, this is a very good post keep it up, please dont forget to up vote or vote my post.cheers!!!!!

I love the rustical feel. I posted also some photos from my travels to Herzegovina. I will appreciate if you give me some tips about it :)

that was a perfect travel sir @vilimir , and I love your Harley very much. I miss on riding a motorbike.

hope someday I can buy a new bike again. by steeming.

best regards Bien

Nice post, keep on travel :)

Amazing post, really love this post. Most expectially the story of the couple having a difference on knowledge and wisdom.

Good post my friend i also want to do something for adsactly, i can ?

nice one wonderful..@dela10

Very nice... <3

If you like the book, it is a request for reading

Good post brother

The wisdom to go back and the knowledge to turn off the engine...

Good post

Awesome Post 😍😍😍😍

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This is me when I was a little kid with ice cream all over my face.

Good posts friend i like