Notification to Happiness. Thank you 500 followers

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As I sit back to appreciate the beauty of this small town and with internet barely working there comes a pop up updating of a new follower.

I'm currently traveling in the interiors of beautiful Uttarakhand and this notification takes me back to think and capture about my journey on Steemit.

Honestly I've been drafting a thank you note in my mind from past few days but now when it really is the time I miss each of those fancy words i decided to use to thank these 500 followers.

I've reduced the number of posts on steemit and have promised myself to post content that I feel proud of in coming years. Rather what I've increased now is commenting and appreciating new posts on regular basis. While I don't have exact numbers to support but I definitely know I've gained a quality count with those comments and that's something I cherish.

My journey with Steemit?
Initial days of steemit I've had decent earnings from my posts since some renowned names upvoted me. This also led me to encash some amount when SBD touched 10$ so yes I've tasted it and have full faith in Steemit. Right now I've started powering up wherever I can and plan to keep doing that until I've a real impressive number backing my account. (Currently it's just 360 SP)

What I expect from steemit?
I’m quite saddened when I see not so good posts getting high value upvotes. I'm not the real judge but I too know that they are not adding value to the chain I'm in love with. While I wanted to raise the same thing to one of the guys; I really had my doubts on my position if he decides to downvote me.

Another thing I didn't really appreciate was whales voting among themselves and using all the power to pull each other down. It's time they help minnows and help them grow. After all no one grows alone and with time they too will gain from it.

My contributions towards steemit?
Well we can't fix other people's mistakes or change decisions while what we can do is help and guide them to betterment. My vote doesn't really fetch a major amount but I ensure my comment motivates the writer. Appreciating efforts so they stick around and help making steemit a better place.

What will be different from now on?
Well I've promised myself to be more regular here. There have been times where I go busy with my startup and then miss being on Steemit for a day or two.

With now I promise to be here everyday. While I’ll try posting maximum (without compromising on quality), I’ll also ensure I go thru my feed everyday and comment to my favorite authors.

I've had my days off $.01 posts and while leaving was easy it's the upvotes from @firepower that gave the much needed boost.

Special mention to @good-karma 's @esteem app for I wouldn't be a part of steemit had it not been this easy to use

*Thank you team @adsactly @IndiaUnited @minnowsupport @donkeypong and group PAL Discord Group
I would like to thank @wandereronwheels @rainsa @thatindianlady @avlokh @bunnypunia @goel.tarun @nimik @bobinson @touringdiaries @swaraj @twowheeledmonkey @steemflow @devilonwheels
for they were a continuous source of motivation and regular upvotes from them have made me feel secure in this vast steemian network.

BTW guys I started a steepshot channel NOT SO RANDOM back in December with sole purpose of posting steepshots of all the not so random things that I do on daily basis. While I'm not too regular there I m quite overwhelmed by the support and reaching out to 160 follower mark. Do follow the channel and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Thank you again guys for making my journey really pleasant and hope to be more connected with each passing day.


Congrats on hitting the 500 mark! Just like you, I comment on people's posts (not random rubbish, but relevant stuff) because my voting power is so low! Just so that the authors know that there is someone reading and appreciating their quality content.

Enjoy your UK sojourn!

Thanks for being around 😁

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Congratulations @thenomadictales on reaching 518 followers in only 293 days!

I wish you continued success!

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I have followed and upvoted you.


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