Life is an anecdote | #7 | Who's that girl?

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It is the summer of 2011, I work in an office I don't want to stay working too long. But as a just starting psychologist jobs are not available in abundance so here I am, wasting my time and earning some money.

At the office I work with doctors and psychologists. One of the doctors visits me from time to time for a chat in my room. A cheerful man, a bit confused, absent-minded. Sometimes I stand in the kitchen and he speaks to me all of a sudden; whole stories are shared, clearly building on a conversation that we had not had together. I nod at his words, don't try to engage too much, and try to finish my tea as quick as possible to escape the conversation I don't feel part of.

It took me a while to realize that he is mistaking me for someone else.

Another young woman of about my height and with blonde curls and light eyes like me also works at our office. She does other work, and in her position she speaks to the doctor more often than I do. I gained my insight in how he must have mistaken me for her only when I see them talking together one day. I laughed, quietly. I find it funny how some people have trouble keeping faces apart and apparently don't see the difference between my dark blonde curls and her light blonde or the fact her nose doesn't curve.

A few weeks later I give up my job at that office. It's finally time to start a new challenge, leaving the office, the doctor and my double ganger colleague behind. De doctor and I share one more chat at the reception of the office. From the corridor I see my double ganger with light blonde curls approaching us. Suddenly the doctor finds himself positioned between me and her.

He looks at his left, to her. He looks at his right, to me. His face is showing his obvious surprise.

It was only the day that I left the office this poor man realized why he sometimes got these vague responses while talking with 'the girl with the curls'.

I say goodbye and leave with the feeling I've just made the life of at least one person a whole lot easier.

'Life is an anecdote' is my blockchain notebook with (hopefully) timeless little stories and observations from daily life. I used to write stories like these for years in Dutch, and am challenging myself to write similar short stories in English on Steemit.

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i think i am good with faces, but i am terrible with names. So many people in college were colleagues just because i could not remember their names.


Hahaha - I learned myself a little trick to always repeat a name after someone has introduced him/herself. If not I will have forgotten one second later ;-) I still fail at times :D

Awwww I kind of have been in his position, I am absent minded and usually forget faces or mistake people. I once sat in the bus by a girl I thought my cousi, asked about the familt, chatted the hyper chatty spaniard way and realised by her awkward goodbye and getting off she was not my cousin at all
Pd, it happens lol


LOL! Yes, I once had someone approach me asking me all kinds of questions like 'how did your test go last Friday?' and it took me 20 minutes to realize we were colleagues (more e-mailing than seeing each other, which is why he knew a lot about me but I just couldn't remember his face)!

Funny awkward moments, I tried to ask as many generic questions as possible in the hope I would be able to remember his name :')

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LOL this is hilarious! I have to admit I'm horrible with faces too unless someone has very distinctive features. I can go months thinking I "just met" someone, when we've actually been introduced several times. It's very embarrassing, and I see it as a disability of mine. My hubbie always says, if one day someone tries to do us harm or steals from us, you won't be able to identify the thief, and it's so true...I don't know how to work o that though...

hahaha wow.. some people ...


Yup ;-)

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Ahahahaha. It just amazes me how some people don't note personal stuff.

I was managing a club (a clean and sober club with several hundred members) and had maybe 50 people that I worked with all the time. The people that handled the music, the decorators, the accountants, the cooks etc, etc. I had a rare weekend off and came back to work on Monday sans pony tail. I'd just gotten tired of it and it left. Donated the hair and got a free haircut out of the deal.

Anyway, a woman came in looking for me, one of the people I interfaced with on a very regular basis. I was in the kitchen and came out to see what she wanted. She glanced at me then looked away, still looking. I spoke to her and she was surprised. She looked carefully and said "I didn't recognize you without your pony tail."

Really? How many 6'4" one eyed mad man do you know?

Thanks Soyrosa. Another great story in the series!

Great story. I totally can see the confusion of the man in the story. Lucky for me, I usually good at faces ... and really good in remembering names.

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Hahah I can almost see the poor mans face while reading :) love these kind of stories :)


Thanks Anouk! :D Glad you like them. I used to write these stories in Dutch and am now rewriting them in English - it's a good practice although I feel they are less 'sharp' than in my own language - oh well :-)