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RE: Adsactly Short Stories - Two Weeks To Happily Never After

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Wow, i hardly read long blogs, but i did this one. To the end,
Interesting story, that unfortunately many of us can relate with.

Religion driving us away from the one we love , and the crippling pressure to get married.

I am 28 at the moment, and i feel every bit of the pressure.
Mom just broke her long silence on this matter few days ago, and i dont know what to tell her, rather than just avoid the topic.
I dont want to be pressured into marriage when am not ready. Dont want to end up in the hands of an innocent man whom i dont love, and certainly dont want to be married. and yet remain single.

Wait a minute, who even said marriage is for everybody?


I totally understand. I hope you do what is right for you at the end. Thanks for reading

Hun, i am ur new subbie. Looking forward to reading more beautiful stories. You are great at it.