The power of self-talk

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Self talk can be defined as the ability to converse with your self internally. It's more like having a conversation between you and your spirit, since they are internal no one can hear you.

Nevertheless, what will encourage and motivate us is the stories, words, narration we tell ourselves every single day. Two things are involved, either were limited, or it will motivate us.

For instance, lets say you're at a party with your friends, class mates, colleagues or family and you cracked a joke in front of everyone, surprisingly no one seem to laugh or give reference to your "Dry" joke. At that moment what runs through your mind? Do you walk out thinking you should'v just kept your mouth shut, or do you think your'e making a fool out of yourself? Sometimes you'll get a response from your inner man saying, "You tried, atleast it's not a big deal"

For this reason, you'll learn to question yourself before making a speech. Peradventure you might even be keep mute, simply because of the fear of being ignored, mocked or embarrassed.

Just as the air we breathe, self-talk is very crucial in our everyday life. The message that runs through in our mind gives us the potency of moving forward or giving up. Either you triumph from those inner messages or you fail and knock out of fear.

Below are few tips to assist you with the right self-talk

  • Setting a strong goal higher than yourself;
    When we place ourselves on a higher aim or goal, it helps in accomplishing the right self-talk. According to history and some intensive research, it was said that those who triumph greatly amongst all odds were know for their constant self-talks. Although time will fail me to mention their names respectively.
  • Eliminate those negative folks in your life
    No doubts there are times when we might be having a down down or just mood swing, permit me to say it's natural. All the same, having a bad day almost everyday of your life isn't ordinary and for this you'll need to eliminate those folks who are victims of this virus.

Human character and posture has a unique way of transmitting the same potency or virus into another human. Those who are always seen to have a bad day or negative attitude, they are likely to pass the same virus and toxin the next person. Most especially if their negative mood has passed through a lot of conditions and challenges.

All the same, it might look laborious and cumbersome to eliminate family and friends out of your life; all the same, instead of eliminating them you can limit the time you spend with them.

Keep the negativity to a minimum in your life by limiting your time with negative people..

  • Never assimilate yourself with others
    We are all different in the eyes of our maker. However, when you start comparing yourself or stalking someone else's life you automatically go down internally and mentally.

You find it less difficult to go down on your self when you start playing the resemblance game. A wise man once said, instead of focusing on what you don't have, be grateful for what you have now.

In life, we have two types of people, those that are better than you, or those you're better than. However it will be wise to focus on yourself and that which you find your self doing and be grateful for it. Rather than comparing yourself to others, the truth is. It kills!

Thanks for reading my article

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