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RE: ADSactly Short Story - A Ray of Sunshine

in #adsactly2 years ago (edited)

Mark, she could see his guitar through the half-opened door. He loved music. Mark loved chocolates. He loved life.

First few sentences, while reading this story, makes me suspicious it’s a sad story.

"Ma'am, I'm afraid we had some bad news." Detective Foley took the lead again

Well... my suspicion has confirmed. That’s the news no mother wants to ever hear 😔. I can’t imagine how difficult it must for parents having to go identify and then afterall to burry their own child.

...and it came out you are truly my mother. You had a twin, and one died at childbirth. Right?"

😊 Afterall happy ending. Even though it’s a twin brother, May will always feel some part of her son Mark has returned to her.


The happy ending makes all the difference.

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