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RE: ADSactly Short Stories - A Twisted Love: One Night Stand to the Grave

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OMG what a twist in the story @royalrose!!! I was reading and chilling with my coffee and when I red that the best night turn into tragedy, especially pointing out what Ijeoma's name really means, you really managed to create what was your aim, to mislead me as as reader :) I jumped when I realised you have turned your story.

Moreover, exposing Austin who is actually mental as that was not love he had for Tokunbo, that was obsession. It reminded me somehow of that famous Singer Selena, if you remember, she was killed in early 90ties by her fun club founder and assistant as that woman was obsessed by her as well. Only in your story Austin killed 2 women and in this reality the object of obsession Selena was being killed. Human mind is so unexplored, it can lead to bliss but also to depths where we can be the biggest monsters.

Story was so cool. It impacted me. Thank you. Namaste.


👏 👏 I'm literally grinning from ear to ear thanks to your wonderful feedback. I can tell you actually read the story. I appreciate readers like you. Thank you so much ❤

You are welcome. You are very talented. Good luck!

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