My gastric bypass: Evaluating seven months later

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Hello Steemians, today I am very happy to share great news to you. For those who don´t know, seven months ago I had a gastric bypass surgery with which I could lose weight (I had morbid obesity II), and also had several pathologies (high blood pressure, hiatal hernia, hemorrhagic gastritis, pre diabetes, diffuse goiter, acute esophagitis).

Photography taken by me with my Huawei Eco YII / Weight 84 kg / Date 06/14/2018 (41 kg less)

Note that it was the first time I entered an operating room and it was a very rewarding experience because I had no negative effect, I felt great from the first moment and that same night I bathed alone and walked down the clinic corridor.

Photography taken by me with my Huawei Eco YII / Weight 123 kg / Date 01/11/2017 (One week after surgery)

Well, that's been 7 months since I went from an initial weight of 125 kg to 84 kg, which makes me feel more active, healthy and happy. First of all I thank God for accompanying me and protecting me at all times, my mother who although couldn´t be present due to health complications, when I got home she went out of her way for me, my aunt who took care of me in the clinic, my brothers who collaborated in this dream, my best friend who was there with me and my doctors who gave my life a meaning.


Photography taken by me with my Huawei Eco YII / Weight 125 kg / Date 26/10/2017 (In the clinic after surgery)

Definitely I am very privileged because although I have lived complicated moments in my life and these last months have been difficult because I have my mother sick, the crisis of the country, my work and the university, God has been able to reward me.

Finally, thanks to all of you who have supported me in this other dream that is writing, I was definitely born to communicate and that is what I study, because I will be a great journalist if God wants.

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