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RE: ADSactly Short Stories - A Twisted Love: One Night Stand to the Grave

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A beautiful story and an account of smooth and harmonious events
She likes the kind of stories
The mixed tragic stories
With excitement and excitement
Tocbonbo suffered from the death of his fiancée so much that he changed the house
The loss of the beloved is difficult
But his death is harder
Wine is the refuge of every suffering and sad
To forget the size of the pain
But it is a non-permanent remedy
The pain returns again
They say in our Moroccan greeting
Can not be separated only those who have the alternative
And Tocbonbo did not


👌You did well with your summary. Thanks for reading. I find it commendable that you can read between the lines.

A wonderful story worth reading
Waiting for the next parts

yes...nice written post..well written

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