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RE: Adsactly Short Stories - Two Weeks To Happily Never After

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What a sad story... And this is a case that has happened many times in real life.

In the end, everything ends in tragedy for Zainab and for the two people who want to be with her. She lacked maturity and courage, even though she was 29 years old. He couldn't make the best choice.

But I don't judge her. Her literal family was pushing her. Her biggest concern was staying single, childless and homeless. And for this reason I make desperate decisions.... Decisions that ended up hurting her and the people around her. Even her sister was a pressure on her, because she already had a husband and children.

Let's just say he did the most damage to himself, his best friend and his family. And this happens when you get carried away by other people's pressures. That is why we must always make the best decision we can make for ourselves.

So I think a moral drawn from this story would be:

Never make decisions influenced by pressure from others. Always decide what you think is right for yourself, no matter what others think.

The unfortunate thing was that she had to learn this lesson the hard way. A life lesson she'll never forget.

Thank you for this great story @adsactly @royalrose!!


Thank you too for your very insightful comment and that vital lesson shared.