The kidnapper and The Kidnapped

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Nowadays there's a region in the planet that is going through a very complex and unique situation never seen before. News about this place normally are trending every single day. And as long as you proceed to read on, you will find this topic should be of everyone's concern.


It is important to know how things unfold to understand possible situations in the future. That's why I urge you give it a serious though because it will allow us to learn more about ourselves not only as individuals but also as species.

The place I'm referring is Venezuela. I don't call it a country - I refuse to do it - because it hasn't been one since two decades. In the coming post I will deepen more on the subject.

Venezuela, as you already know, is going through a terrible situation where people are starving to death every day and the basic services were taken away on purpose. And this hasn't been just a matter of appalling corruption and incalculable incompetence, which no other nation could ever match up by the way.

It has been a macabre plan designed by another country (Cuba). The purpose was simple, to take control of Venezuela. They have invaded the south America region with the complacency of the dictator, who is by the way is not a Venezuelan citizen and act as a dull puppet.

But who cares anyway?

IF the region is governed by a foreign country, why bother if the usurper just robbed the throne.

And this attitude shamefully has cemented in the minds of some "supposedly" human rights organizations as the people of of Venezuela are still held hostages while the free world just watches as it were a fiction movie.

How to fight this evil

When you're dealing with a terrible person who doesn't want to let go off his victims. You have to apply force. Not to impose your will over others, but to extinguish injustice and evil.

It is necessary and justified. And you do whatever it takes to stop it. Military intervention is obviously the right thing to do because it is the only choice that can end this nightmare.

Some would grimace in disgust by the idea, and I sympathize, but it's the most obvious alternative that we have.

The fallacy of the poverty status

The lack of discernment has contributed a lot in the social media chats where many people leave their opinions. Among them there's a common premise that shows up now and then. And that is that there are poor people everywhere; that children go to bed without eating in other regions; that Venezuela is not the only place where people suffer; that it is a social problem that confront two tendencies, and so on, so on...

But it's far from that. It's a new form of reality which combine many of the terrible traits found in the human nature, and have mutated into something worse.

IF we study the situation carefully, we can recognize some characteristics from the Nazi era and the terrorist plague, to name a few.

So, when people of other countries said that there are suffers everywhere, which is true, their failing the blank related to the south America region.

This place was not poor. Apart from the common corruption that have always existed because that's how Venezuelan society is, and they feel proud about it, the citizens at least used to have the basic needs covered.

And the thing is that it was INTENTIONALLY taken away as I said above. Right now in the middle of the turmoil, some truths have been leaked out by some deserters who wants to save their own life in case the boat sinks. And it is now confirmed that the food and the medicine were hidden and only a ration were available to the people when some election was at the vicinity. Then, all of that was taken away again.

The kidnapper threw the victim into a dark room without food and water, and don't plan to let him go!!!

Everything that people take for granted in any part of the world, the people of Venezuela don't have it. Thank God that air is not controlled by humans since that would have been taken away too.

So, it's not merely about poor people. It's about turning people into poor, making them look in the garbage bins and trucks for food, and praying NOT to catch a cold because that could be the end of their lives.


Almost all people are against war. And I'm in that group. But when someone damages others, I get out of it myself. I cannot remain in that group anymore. Because in order to maintain peace, you have to use force when it is required. Otherwise, we all would be accomplices.

We have to understand that we live in a world where everything looks unfair because we have made it that way. And not only by our bad deeds, but also by our indulgence - we watch, and DO NOT take action because we have a wrong perception of peace.

Many prefer to pray or to call the providence so that it can talk sense into bad people. But that never works. WE have to act and solve the problems we cause.

And why do I say our problems?

Because when masses of people suffer, it should be of everyone's concern. It can happen to anybody. The Jews suffered a lot before the world decided to leave peace and act. Many lives would have been saved if they have taken down Hitler in the first place.

I'm not implying that peace is not good. It is in fact the path to many problems. But there's a useless peace that we must spot to never fall into it.

So, you cannot hold up peace IF the underlying nature of others is destruction and wickedness.

Because at the end, it is not about ideology, religion or any other silly thing that just separates more and more every day. It's about the moral decency to stand up for what's right!!!

Now, while the events unfold - which means more deaths and suffering in Venezuela - what will countries do? Are They going to talk to the kidnapper and say "please give your hostage some water so he cannot pass out, but keep him chained in the dark room for as long as you want."

What's the free world will do for those who are suffering ???


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