Think Like A Child and Eliminate Stress From Your Life

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Stress is a part of nearly every adult on the planet and thee are thousands of ways to relieve it because it is such a problem for us.

You can take Yoga or meditation courses, work out, get way to a park for a spell, listen to calming music, and even take a nap. All of these are great ways to get your mind calm, but there is an even simpler way that is available to you in a second all the time.

Think Like a Child

Children hardly ever get stressed and when they do, they can shed it in an instant. The reason is that they are always living in the moment. They never worry about yesterday, tomorrow or what happened five minutes ago. They are focused firmly on now.

If you can focus on the moment you are living in, there is little time for stress.

Think about it. When you are in the midst of a stress attack you are focusing on something you either did or did not do in the past that bothers you, or something you have to do in the future that you are either worried you cannot do or that you do not want to do. In other words stress always comes from worrying about the past and the future, never the present.

So the key to relieving stress quickly is to focus only on the here and now. In other words Think like a child. The faster you can do this the quicker your stress will disappear.

This approach works every time and any time you use it throughout your day. Try it sometime. It can help yuo enjoy your life more and be bothered by stress less.


Agreed. The trick is to have the now moment focus but still realize when it's time to leave the house to get someplace on time. Children are notoriously late!

Hey and thanks for the comment. Think about it this way perhaps, children are not late all the time, they never have anyplace else to go except where they are at that moment. it is us adults who are always pushing them to be someplace else. As they get older we design a schedule for them, then they start being late. We buy into the fact that we always have someplace to go. Just a thought.

Yes, I love that!