[STEEMER.NET project] - News / updates, account transfers history in STEEMER.NET, PART 4 - 18.01.2018.

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How are you doing my dear STEEMIANS ?

This is my new post about my STEEMER.NET work-in-progress Project.

STEEMER.NET Project v0.159 ALPHA - work in progress

So, as u already know, from 4.1.2018. i started working on STEEMER.NET
project development full time. I'm really excited to work on this Project
so i decided to post once a week minimum my work progress
on this Project here on Steemit.com.

Transfers history in STEEMER.NET

So, since last post i've been working on account
information tools and finished transfers history section.

Going into account info section, user can now load full transfers
history for desired account. Just press "Transfers history button" and
you should have this screen:

Here you can load all transfers from STEEM blockchain for any account,
for desired time period. Simply, choose date from, and date to,
and press "Load transfers history".

After that you can explore transfers, save it or export data to PDF.
That way you can have all your account in/out's saved on your computer/offline
for your records.

I'm shure you noticed this section to. Well, that is one part of
most coolest feature coming into STEEMER.NET, and that is
Windows Upvote Bot.

If you need to run your own Upvote / Bidding service, but your don't know anything
about Linux, STEEMER.NET will provide you Upvote Bot in Windows.
In my future posts, will describe this feature more in detail.

Wait wait, what is STEEMER.NET Project?

STEEMER.NET Project - Universal STEEM Blockchain software for Windows and Android

Experince STEEM Wallet app, Money transfer, In-App Exchange, Post maker,
Post browser, archiver and many other tools such upvote calculator,
window upvote bot and earnings analyzer on ANOTHER DIMENSION !

STEEMER.NET - Main Features

People asking me via Discord about my project.
So, to sum up, i decided to write here my work progress on STEEMER.NET project
and with every post present new app features i developed so far.
STEEMER.NET Project is work-in-progress.
In STEEMER .NET app for Windows (and later Android), you will be able to do following:

STEEM account info / poster

  • auto connect/ manual connect to STEEM Blockchain
  • node switcher - add your own STEEM RPC server or choose one from list
  • read your pending ( 7 days deep, basic ) / actual SBD / STEEM balances
  • get basic and advanced account informations like total SP,
    account bandwith, upvote value and more
  • create transactions - upvote (with trails)/ downvote, post, replay, follow, unfollow users
  • schedule post option
  • post templates

    STEEM posts Browser - NEW !!!

  • read posts from TOP category's in your STEEMER.NET in-app browser, based on Gecko WebBrowser
    and build with modern DevExpress components with easy and modern navigation
  • save your favorite posts
  • abbility to upvote / downvote, flag, or resteem posts
  • abbility to see total earnings for each category displayed

    STEEM wallet

  • SBD - send / recieve SBD from /to STEEM users
  • STEEM - send / recieve STEEM from /to STEEM users
  • search and visualize transfers history (ability to select from date / to date) and display
    all data related to account


  • In-APP Exchange Transactions System build on latest .NET Technology's where you are able to:
  • Exchange your SBD / STEEM to BTC / LTC / DASH / ETHER (first Version)
  • Buy STEEM power delegation (30 days / 90 days) with SBD / STEEM from your account
  • Easy track and save your transactions / Transactions History

    STEEM Tools

  • Upvote worth calculator - calculate how much is your upvote worth
  • Windows Upvote BOT
    If you need to run Upvote service, but your don't know anything
    about Linux, STEEMER.NET will provide you Upvote Bot in Windows: just put your
    username, replay comment, and you are ready to accept bids.
    Normally, every 2.4hrs one upvote (at 100% power) will execute. But you can also change time
    and upvote manually. Windows Upvote bot will auto-refund invalid bids.
  • Total pending payouts checker (advanced)
  • STEEM posts and earnings visualiser
  • STEEM user income info - display data and export to csv, xlsx, pdf - new users, existing users, all users
  • SP DELEGATION Tool - Delegate SP to your friends, undelegate with ONE CLICK !
  • Many tools included with STEEMER.NET Package will be also startable without STEEMER.NET.

    STEEMER.NET App settings

  • create new STEEM account: FREE, SP DELEGATION, BUY
  • multi-user adder
  • auto-login option
  • more..

So, there you go !

There are a lot work to be done. I'm working big time
to deliver fast as many options i can.
In part 5 i will present cool features, so, stay tuned for my next post and follow me on @cryptomonitor
for next STEEMER.NET project updates !

If you have any questions, please, contact me on Discord 24/7, user cryptomonitor#0447

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Thank information news

Faboulous job all in one
Amazing work

Obviously, Steem is the best thing that happened to social media and blogging put together for great amazing works.
It's decentralized mode has opened Steem to amazing enormous possibilities.
Good work @cryptomonitor

Looks very promising. You are pulling what currently takes multiple tools all into one app. Will follow and see when it's ready for Android. Any timeline for android?

After Windows Version

Was wondering what this is all about until I read this: 'Going into account info section, user can now load full transfers
history for desired account. Just press "Transfers history button" and
you should have this screen'

Now that I know what this is all about, I'm all in. Thanks.

Please complete the process and let us know how we can be fully in.

Wow, I love the whole app interface. How fast is it... Please anyone

This is a whole new level for steemians!!! You are really determined and that's very promising. Wish I had known about steemit early enough. Wish I had the devotion, time, wherewithal and tools to do this. Many don't understand the magnitude of possibilities that this website carries now that steemit has started gaining ground in the world of cryptocurrency. Once it's available in Androids, I will be the first to jump on it!... Smart move bro, smart move..

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interesting post ...
I got insight and knowledge

Wow this is a great application this May succeed and success
Survivors struggle comrade

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thank for sharing sir
plise suppport me
i’m new in steemit

Nice work! Good job and keep up the good work!

Great post. Keep at it. You'll be finished before you know it!!

It get's better and better each update. I was thinking about running an upvote bot, tbh I don't have the steam but some bots are only like a 3 cent upvote so I could probably do that if I brought some. I have very little coding knowledge though and it seemed too complicated so I think I will test that feature out.