Logo, Business Card and Flyer for a client !

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This is my second post on Steemit. First post introduceyourself
The thing i love about this platform is that it gives you a buzz and keeps you going on and on.
Its like a an addiction and you want more people to see your content and recognize you for your work and efforts.

So this work is for a client in USA and i am working for her on a freelance basis(from India).
The brief she had given me is "I’m starting my nutrition consulting business here in US, and the name is PROACTIVE NUTRITION SERVICES"

So i came up with these options for her logo
she said, she likes the last one(highlighted), but to show her a few more font options. So these were the options for her and she slected the last one (highlighted)Logo1.jpg

Then she had asked for her business card design, so i gave her these options
she said she wants the card to be very simple, so she selected the first option (highlighted) and she asked for a few variations if possible. So i came up with these variations for her simple card, and she selected the last one (highlighted)

Flyer was also designed for her, here is the final one.

Now working on website, i will be posting the link soon :)
Please comment, follow and like on this work if you guys liked it.

Also feel free contact me if you guys need to design anything for yourself or your company :)

My website link Advantage Advertising

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