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This is amazing. I'm going to have to read more about your stories...patience it takes. I once wrote an 80,000 word novel and then retired it. Wasn't very good--so I appreciate the work that goes into something like this. After a while, the universe becomes real for you. My book is still real for me, all the characters, even though it wasn't very good!


Yes, it really does become real for you - even if it never leaves your own paper/computer screen! I have some wonderful characters that I haven't been able to share yet - maybe they'll make it, maybe not - there's much work to be done.

I did write a novel - which is probably going to get dissected and reworked at some point - it takes place about 250 years after the one I'll be starting in less than two weeks. But I discovered that I really don't like the novel length. It felt too forced. So, I started working with novellas instead. At the moment, though, my novellas are beginning to run at about half-novel lengths which is becoming interesting...

I do have some serious struggles though - and I may end up sharing about that again tomorrow in my weekly update as it's been affecting me a bit this week.

Take a break. Take a deep breath. Walk away and come back. You're lucky you can get lost in a world of your own making, but sometimes (I find) it's important to touch base again with the bread and butter universe. My son is trying to get me to practice yoga. Will that help?

I just made supper - that's definitely touching base with reality again - so are my photography posts and things like that.

I'm hoping that once we get moved (meaning I have enough space for food photography) that I can start sharing some of the things I make as well.

Yesterday ended up to not be a writing day, just a reading day - and a little bit of nsfw supplemental writing. (Unlikely to be posted, lol.)

Lots of ways to relax.

Unfortunately, I don't get along with yoga and I can't afford Zumba (which is what I would enjoy.) I do a little at home sometimes. I also sing - that's a real release for me.

Singing....yes! My voice is terrible, but that never stops me. Enjoy your dinner.

I wish I had the space of many lives - this life - to develop all the things I can do well - and love! I sing (show choir in jr high, things like that) and have been known to write music. My musical side is very strong, but not developed enough to make money at it - nor do I have the equipment to make a good go of it for Steemit. Maybe sometime in the future.

I don't do that much well at all...but I am peaceful. Seems I've always been kind of a dilettante. Hop form here to there, experimenting and exploring. Not exactly shallow, but perhaps a bit lazy.

See, I misspelled from :)

Peaceful is good - it helps get the rest of us to focus on being at peace more. Learning to accept who we are and the fact that we cannot to everything that we want to - and that it's okay.

Hopping here to there isn't a bad thing - it's actually a symptom of high IQ. :-) (Or a well-functioning brain anyway.)

But it also can lead to not doing anything more than tolerably. :-p

I can do a lot of things well enough. When I talk about languages - I know just enough to get myself into trouble in a couple dozen countries... but I've never finished the job.

Writing for Steemit is forcing me to finish the job - it's been good for me!

I've been writing around 9,000 words a week for about six months now - that's just amazing! (I'm grateful for a husband who brings in the actual wages right now - but hope that one day I'll be able to do it too.)

(Clumsy fingers are fine, lol. I find as my mind goes faster my fingers get careless.)

Well--I did finish one book, that sort of helps people. I don't really publicize it on Steemit, but if you'd like to take a peak, it's free for download. Has been for a couple of years. It was my first. I worked really hard on it. Tells more about me than most people would guess here. But if you're busy, don't bother :) I am at peace (I'm a septuagenarian--better be) Here's the book:
Nice chatting with you.

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