ADSactly Travels - Driving Through Europe - part #1

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Driving Through Europe - part #1

I often look at photographs I've taken. I remember events and contemplate beautiful moments, experiences and adventures I had with my friends. This photo frame seems to transform them back into reality and always revives them. I have countless images of my growing up, as well as photos from my school, excursions and trips.

What about a story or at least the insights I could read about these nice moments, the feelings that followed them, the experiences, the people and everything that marked them and made it special to always remember them? This question has recently gone through my head while I was reading an interesting post that someone posted about his trip. I started thinking. My answer to that question was more than simple - I never wrote about it. In fact, I never even thought about it until I opened the Steemit account. I decided it would be a new challenge to me! To tell the story in a few passages that will guide you through the eight-day journey that I've been through with my boyfriend Mark, his sister Ana and me.

Ana has used up all the days of her vacation and was going home. It was an ideal opportunity for Mark and me to go back with her to Luxembourg and visit the small town where she lives and works. Over the week, while she was working, Mark and I were visiting European cities we would randomly pick in the morning when we woke up. We decided to spend the entire weekend together and visited two more cities. There was no plan, we did not have maps of cities or pre-prepared landmarks with the sights to look at. The story is based on my feelings. I realize that I had eight days to plan and organize my time any way I want to. These are my impressions of the cities we've visited.

1100 km of long road, 1100 km of endless asphalt. Motorways where larger, smaller, sunny and gray. Full of powerful cars, large trucks, all of them going somewhere, somewhere toward their destinations, carrying people to meet their destinies. Our destination was Luxembourg.

The early-morning sun, the sounds of music from a radio channel and DJ's jokes, replaced the voices of parents which resounded from all sides for days. Drive carefully, wisely, keep in touch. These are the words of specific intonations in which the positive fervour seeks to violently suppress the concern. It sounds like a hum that disappears after the first bend.
Positive energy radiated from us, we are at the peak of good times. In our minds, we were already there. In just seconds, we've crossed all of the 1100 km. That thought distorted the perception of the present moment and welcomed the illusion as something real and natural.

Hours went by as we drove. The sun hid behind the clouds. The first drops of rain began to fall and grew stronger and stronger. At the next moment, I felt as all of the accumulated water poured from the sky fell onto our car. It seemed like every wiper would jump out of its bed and fly away, each in its own direction. Hours passed, the rain stopped falling, and the sun appeared. This cycle was repeated several times throughout the day. Now quieter and lenient voices have muttered something. They would usually ask for sandwiches, coffee, tea, coffee, water, again coffee and for the toilet.

We stopped several times, stretched our legs and slowly moved on. The hours were passing by slower now. We've switched a dozen channels on the radio, put on CD's, rock music, pop, and similar music until we've switched the radio off. I realized that a step of 1100 km does not exist and that it never has. It was replaced with the painful footsteps of pain which insidiously grew stronger with every second and drifted deeper into my body. Trying to resist this feeling was useless, there was no choice. I accepted it, trying to enjoy and closed my eyes.

When we arrived, the night already fell. We took out all the stuff from the car, settled in the apartment, ate the rest of the food we carried with us, and soon fell asleep.The adventure of the new day was ahead of us.

Authored by: @lufcija

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Is it expansive to travel in europe? People told me that the cost are high in there.


I can only guess, europe is a very beautiful place, if you want to beekunjung to europe, you have to provide big cost,

I am traveling alone. No doubt I can say that I am very happy to be alone. It is not really an easy task to share the same ways with someone.Travelers alone take their own decisions. If you choose the wrong route and you do not enjoy it, then you are the one to blame, not another. If you have a travel partner, doing route planning can be exciting or even torture.So just go around and be friends, be free... @adsactly


I actually prefer to travel with a friend or two. It's much more fun when you have someone to share your experience with.


I congratulate all on the New Year !!! Health, love, joy and new exciting trips! May you have good luck! Always!!!
I also really love to travel here is my post


It's true. I really liked your comment. :)


Thanks a lot ! :) @lufcija

I often travel around the country and love the road, and I also like to listen to pleasant music while driving, it invigorates. Therefore, your message was especially interesting for me. You have come a long way, but judging by the photos, all your way was on clean and level roads, and this is doubly pleasant. I have many roads in the country in poor condition.
You have very beautifully described your journey, I also often encountered on the road with the phenomenon of cyclical weather, the rain was replaced by the sun, and then back it was raining ...
thanks, I liked it


Thanks a lot :)

Wow. This would be dream of a life by my girlfriend. Got to show her this. Dont get any ideas now @rhubarb

Any diving is awesome)

Really great story @lufcija
What I love in Europe is everything!
I already visited there for 4 times in 6 different countries and I plan to live in Berlin for studies purposes. Every time I come back there it's a great feeling and I wish I was born there.
Everything there is beautiful, the nature, the buildings even the people.
Thank you for sharing.👍

Driving through Europe for vacation is one of the greatest feeling in whole life.

Traveling are the basic refreshment to human


I agree.

Great journey! I love the idea of only deciding in the morning about what place to see that day. How did you like Luxembourg?

Awesome traveling affiliation

a great share. And the most interesting part is; 1100 km asphalt :) I am a motorcycle enthusiast and I wanted to be on that asphalt .. I think it will be quite exciting. You had a nice day, my friend.


I am glad you like it, thank you :)

Nice travelogue and thanks for sharing it with us

Happy New Year


Thank you.

I love it!
I admire your travel skills and FOLLOW you now!
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Your writing inspires, well written and engaging. Am intrigued.


Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

Beautifully crafted story with alluring vocabularies which described the author's journey to Luxembourg. This sentence struck me.

These are the words of specific intonations in which the positive fervour seeks to violently suppress the concern.

Wow! Such words beautifully crafted into a sentence.

Me gustó mucho tu artículo. Me apasiona el tema

Thanks for the pics and your roadtrip story @adsactly. It's like being seated at your backseat . :)

i love travelling and exploring new places so that you can kick the negative past and feed new memory to the future ..... :) love it keep it up

Traveling around and exploring new places is one of the best things you can do. Awesome :)

I really like the way when will ya walk the way I go around europe? to know and share culture

please upvote my post and follow,thanks

I love photos and travel. being ill with cancer gave me and my beautiful wife to explore. We are now in mexico buy heading europe next, The world is ours to explore. thanks for the photos

Drive your ass off craz7y fool. Hope it pays off. Maybe you will be able to dirink and eat and breathe along the way. Much luck.

What a great adventure you had, such adventure could never be forgotten I guess. I wish to have such adventures in the future I’m pretty sure steemit can help me with that😀😀

Nice story....very descriptive and i can tell you really enjoyed yourself.....waiting on the rest of the story......@lufcija

Is this your ebook sir.... i dont have knowledge about stocks so definitely want to read this ...thanks ...its free

Upvoted !

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i love travelling and i like your journey, very well description and click was awesome



If I have 10 wet shirts and it takes ten min. for each shirt to dry, how long will it take me to dry all my shirts on a clothesline?

Please I need help with this...

Very interesting post I really like it .. Greetings know and friendship my brother. Happy New Year

I want to come in US its my big dream but i had no money to take visa please pray for me that my dream comes to Real

amazing share .love to see

I am new user please help me how to use steemit

You did a great job on this travelog. The pictures really added to the story.

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I have never traveled to other countries because I am too scared to venture out into new things in a foreign land. I am not confident enough. Today, I am so glad I've ran into your post. I gained more confidence to travel more and and this year try to discover new things by my own. Thank you @adsactly :) Happy new year!


Nice good job

Traveling and way from the usual way of life is a great chance for reflection! It is great to have the company of great friends to enjoy the scenery. Have a great 2018!

Lovely story

Your experience is very engaging.

Please visit my page. Thank you

Have you ever thought about traveling to Europe using hitchhiking as a primary mode of travel? I see that you are a big lovers of travel, so I would recommend to try hitchhiking. It is the real EUROTRIP! :)

your blog is very interesting :)

Wao great info for travelling lover's :), Thanks @adsactly

1100 km, wow that is too much of travel. Hope u enjoyed it to its fullest.

Amazing journey
I love travelling and your description

Beautiful views, moments make up our lives, I can relate with your experiences

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By car I have never traveled so many km, by plane yes much more, but the experience of the road is different, I hope someday to have an adventure like this. And most likely I can write an article and say "Thanks to Steemit" sorry my bad english


It's an adventure, you should try.

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Driving through Europe for vacation is one of the greatest feeling in whole life.

I'll visit this summer.

I m happy to live in Europe and especially to my country Greece! Nice story!

Dope, as soon as I get a chance to fly up out of here, I'm gone. LOL

What an inspriational way to travel! The feelings of positivity and freed that were leading you probably came from a decision that you didn't know your plan ahead.
Keep up with good writing :) @lufcija

Thanks for sharing this is really awesome travel and adventures :)

wow, thank you for posting these pics.
it made me feel I'd travel far too.

This is awesome man, good stuff.

Thanks for the post, I'm interested. Follow you =)

Great, I think it's best to just go without plans. You might miss some of the usual and most important stuff but you maybe suprised by stuff no one with busy plans sees

wow travelling around the world or in europe would so great... it might be impossible for me but who knew? god might grant it for before he take me 😊😊😊😊😊😊

thanks for sharing your trip... i love the views

I like travel as well. .

This looks awesome! Any Advice for someone looking to drive across Europe in a van? I did a cross country trip in the United States last summer and it was a great experience. Hoping to do Spain to Russia (cross Europe) this summer but don't know exactly what to expect/how different from the US it will be

Wow a good traveling story and you describe your journey very well with beautiful pictures


Thank you very much.

hola..el viaje distrae mucho y los caminos se hacen mas cortos..felicidades..en este nuevo año...@pedrolavado

What an Amazing Trip! Does anybody else Dream of Taking Nonstop Roadtrips or is it just me?? Why do we all have to work jobs in one location? Im sick of School, Work and all this system of life. I just need a trip like this. Or better yet, get in a car and go with no destination in mind :)

Cool stuff, thanks for sharing.

Nice to be part of a gracious experience right after joining steem community.. just started exploring, have far to go. love it!

Nice traveling...notice I say traveling and NOT driving. UCC Law 1-308

Good post

Please votes me

j'aime voyager en voiture en famille

A trip that must be very exhausting, but all will be paid by looking at the beauty of europe, it sure ,, !!!