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The Gods Never Leave Us Empty-Handed

"Ofobuike, it is going to be a great but sad day," Mazi Agwoturumbe declared as a slight tremor seemed to pass through him, and he shivered.

He sat with splayed legs on the floor of the veranda made of dry compressed mud in front of his hut. He was dressed in a loincloth and a cloth wrapped around one shoulder which exposed his slim, wiry thighs and powerful shoulder and back muscles. Apart from his goatee and all the hair on his scalp having turned white, one could have mistakenly concluded that he was about forty years old. But he had been the best medicine man East of the Niger River for longer than forty years, so he was probably much older than that. He gathered up the cowries displayed in front of him, between his two legs and cast them again. Once more, a tremor ran through his body.

"Ha! I see scary things. Ofo, today is a sad day, indeed!"

Wikipedia CC0The Medicine Man

"Yes, Papa," Ofobuike responded. Ofobuike was the last son of Mazi Agwoturumbe. He was the only one amongst his siblings who decided to learn his father's art. Others had gone off to school and travelled to the cities and countries where they held different jobs and developed successful careers. When Ofobuike graduated from the University, he returned home to continue working with his father. Mazi Agwoturumbe came from a long line of juju priests and all his forebears served one diety or the other down as far as anyone could trace. It was his grandfather who deviated and became what was known as Dibia or Medicine Man. When visitors came from all over the country and called him Chief Priest, he let it slide because he recognised their ignorance. But he was not a priest to any god. He was only intimately acquainted with spiritual forces and knew how to use them to his, and the benefits of his client and this skill was something he inherited from his grandfather. Most people did not know how, him, a single man could wield such powers like the power that enabled him to stretch hunchbacks. Little did they know that he did not have to use the power; all that was necessary was knowing the laws that would enable the forces to co-operate to achieve desired purposes. To safely complete high success rate in his work, he needed to be wary of the rare side-effects of working with barely-known forces.

"For everything you win, there is something lost," he would say.

Amanze was the second of five children and the only son of Chief Amanze Snr.

He had decided early in his life that he would travel the world, make loads of money and live like a king. The first part of his plan was to leave the country through any means possible. His break came when S. S. Vittoria berthed at Port Harcourt wharf, and Amanze got the job of loading cargo on the ship which was billed to leave for Port Alexander in a month's time. He was a very charming boy. Before the end of the week, he had made friends with the ship captain, and the captain took quite a liking to him. Amanze left with the ship when the time came. The captain thought he had gotten himself a crew member, but Amanze had other plans. He disappeared in Alaska just after the ship arrived and gradually he moved from Alaska to Maryland.

Amanze did not land on his feet, but the folks back home had no idea what he had to go through to settle into a foreign land with little education and without the appropriate legal requirements. It took him a little less than a decade to settle in. Before then, the pressure was piling up from back home for him to return.

"I am getting old. I would like to see my grandson before I join my ancestors," his father lamented.

Meanwhile, he had bragged amongst his friends how his boy was living the American dream. Amanze, on his part, had missed home. In spite of the better life that living abroad offered, he was often nostalgic for the country of his birth where he was a first-class citizen. He could not help but feel like a second class or even a third class citizen in the US. But he could not return home empty-handed. He decided he would buy an SUV and send ahead of his arrival. Word of the arriving jeep reached his hometown before the news of his return got there. Besides the vehicle, he could not afford anything else of much value except food and other essential items. His initial intention was to sell the SUV back home before returning to the US, but he was shocked to hear that the vehicle was a gift he bought for his dad. This situation made him more than a little uncomfortable, but he decided he could probably manage to obtain his return ticket if he cut short his visit and returned to the United States earlier than planned, without selling the SUV. One day he returned home and narrated a story about how uniformed men robbed him of the car.

It was 10:05 pm, two weeks before his planned return to the US, he was driving to see his old friends in a neighbouring town when some men dressed in police uniforms waved him down.

"Hello, officers, how may I help you," he asked.

"Sir, please step down from the vehicle. A car that fit the description of this car has been reported to have been involved in a robbery, and we have been ordered to stop and search."

Amanze obeyed, but as he did so, one of the officers searching the vehicle exclaimed that he had found a gun in his car. He rushed over to the passenger side of the car but was stopped by another police officer.

"You have to follow us to the station," said the police officer that stopped him. "Go and join the police truck. We shall drive this one back."

Amanze was still disoriented as he walked towards the police truck when the engine of his car revved up and shot away. He turned to chase it and realised the futility of the action then he ran towards the police vehicle as they drove away. His cell phone was in his car, and he had no way of calling anyone. Who would he call, he wondered.

He walked to the nearest bus stop and took a bus to his friend's home. They helped him make efforts to retrieve the vehicle through the help of the police to no avail. He did not have the opportunity to change the SIM card in the GPS tracker, so there was no way to trace the vehicle.

When Chief Amanze Snr heard about the loss, he was unperturbed. Agwoturumbe had solved bigger cases than that for him in the past. He did not like to visit Agwoturumbe often not because he was ineffective but because the perpetrators of the crime are not only found, but they also died mysteriously. He had hoped that the police would find the car and thereby avoid the consequences that would follow from what he must do to recover what belonged to him.

Mazi Agwoturumbe had left home to fetch the herbs that he would require to work for the day. He lived a few kilometres from the rest of the village as his father had lived, so his home was surrounded by a forest with a wide variety of plants, some of which had mysterious qualities when combined with other natural elements. He was always able to foresee all the people that would visit him on a daily basis and the nature of the problem they would bring with him, so he prepared ahead of time. He sat on a small stool with his back to the dirt road that led to his hut. The yellow sun was rising from the horizon to his right side, casting his long, lean shadow to the left. Between his feet was a little mortar in which there was dark green substance. With the equally small pestle, he mashed the content of the mortar. Then suddenly he began to speak.

"Ofo, my son! Ofobuike, please bring me a bench for the great have come upon us," he said in a loud voice, forcing his son to rush out of the hut with a bench.

"Chief Amanze, son of Omenuko. Son of the soil. A single man that is must be welcomed as a crowd. We have provided you with a bench for a seat to show we know that you never walk alone! The only animal that feeds when the hunter is firing away at him. Seven men in one!" he continued.

Chief Amanze had parked his station wagon about six hundred meters from the residence of Mazi Agwoturumbe. He was about two hundred meters away when he began to hear the voice of the medicine man calling out to him even though he could not see the hut because shrubs covered it. The sound became more explicit as he approached the cabin. He would have been surprised about the words the medicine man was saying if that was his first time. It always assured him when Agwoturumbe talks about his problem even before setting eyes on him. The small dirt road opened up to what seemed like a big clearing in the bush. The floor of the premises was red and utterly devoid of any form of dirt including leaves and that always amazed the chief since many big trees surrounded the hut. He walked and sat on the bench in front of the medicine man as he continued praising him.

Eventually, Agwoturumbe stood from the little stool, carried the small mortar to an enormous clay pot containing some dark liquid. With his right hand, he scooped a portion of the content of the mortar, added it to the pot and stirred it with his palm. He stared at it for a few moments and shook his head, and then he returned to a mat made of jute placed opposite Chief Amanze and sat down.

"What I see is unbelievable! I can see you have come to recover what you lost, my friend. But I would ask you to go. Not everything that is lost can be found. For everything you win, there is something lost, and for everything you lost, there is something won. Go, my friend," he said, and his face was a mask of sadness.

"I want my car back, and I am willing to do whatever it takes, Wise One," Chief Amanze replied.

"Whatever it takes? Can you bear the consequences? Can you? Your entire generation has gone up in flames, and your name is forever gone in history."

"I did not come all the way here to go back empty-handed," the chief said, as he brought out a big wrap of money.

"The gods never leave us empty-handed. We are either blessed or cursed," he said, as a mouse magically appeared in his hands. "The spirit of the people that took what belongs to you have been cast in this animal. Take it and do what you will with it. You can let it run free in the bush as you leave or you can let some accident meet it on the way. But if you let it go, then you must let go of what you lost. Nkiru ka, The future holds greater things. This one is free, my friend," he said, and when he finished speaking, his face lost every expression, and he suddenly looked much older. He gently gave the mouse to Chief Amanze, patted him on the shoulder and walked into his hut.

Chief Amanze left and walked back to his car. Before he arrived where he had parked, he wrung the neck of the mouse, threw it into a stream nearby and drove home. He was about half a kilometre from his home when he heard screams coming from the direction of his house. As he approached the house, he saw the stolen car parked in front of his residence. He walked into his living room. Amanze Jnr was dead.

Authored by: @churchboy

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Amanze was very sneaky when he used the ship captain to get to Alaska 😆. And then from Alaska to Maryland. I could completely relate to Amanze since I immigrated to US when I was 23 years old. It’s always stays in back of your mind.
When he got back to his country it was obvious to me the police set him up, at least that what I though. It must had been tough for him at that time to make this choice.

”For everything you win, there is something lost, and for everything you lost, there is something won.”

Wow! Has this really happened? Did Amanze Jnr die just because of Chef’s choice not to let the mouse go free? Well I guess at the end he got the car back, but what a cost. His son who was the real owner of this car? Couldn’t Amanze Jnr just tell the truth?


Thank you so much for reading the story. I was getting tired of people thinking that this was a religious story of some sort. Amanze Jnr did not know to what lengths his father would go to find the car. It was really his car but he brought it home only to make an impression then sell it when he was ready to return. But his father's claim that it was a gift meant for him made Amanze Jnr to capitulate to his father's wishes against all odds. But along the line, he realized that with the laxity of the law enforcement agencies, he could spin a story about the car having been stolen, keep it hidden and sell it later and return to the US.

Unfortunately, his father went to the magician who had to do the chief's wish against all warnings. The magic worked. Amanze returned the car and died in his father's home.

I appreciate your comment. All the best to you.

The hand of God is the protective hand, it is the hand of the Father who loves his son and directs him by right paths. A father in his true judgment is not going to pretend that something bad happens to his son, he will take him on the right paths, paths where there is nothing in which the child can stumble, paths where the child does not get lost.

The child has that feeling of peace and tranquility, walks in places where he has never traveled, but trusts in the hand of his father who guides him. The Lord is speaking in His Word at the hand of God that takes us to places where we have never been and that tells us to be confident, that we should hold our hands to the hand of God.

Those who have put their whole heart and trust in the hand of God will never be lost in all they do and they will always be provided with all their needs. Working towards faith is all we should be doing all the time .
Humility and faith through christ can bring us closer to God .
When you accept christ in your life you have already made a decision of being with him and working for him through your believe
its tells us what the lord will definiatelly do for you , the lord has made a clear way and prepare the perfect way for us .
God gave you his word in the bible , he gave you everything you need as christain to be protected and guilded do not be desieved by anybody.
The church we attend sometimes we always be a part of distruction to all of those who practice the culture of a particular church which is sometimes away from what the bible teaches

"Be careful for what you wish for, it might just come true" - I think various cultures have this as a refrain if phrased differently, and this story, I think is a sobering example of that. It's hard to imagine the kinds of thoughts that would have gone through the Chief's mind once he saw the body of his son - grief, confusion, anger, all with no answers. I suppose Agwoturumbe already had a feeling that something like this would transpire but I guess he can't give details otherwise that might spoil his power.

The desire to not come home empty handed, or to not bring shame on the family, is a powerful motivator but can result in decisions like Amanze Jr's scheme to buy a car, gift it to his father but then steal and sell it so that he can return to America. Wow! From knowing his motivations, I can understand why, but just because he has a reason for doing things this way doesn't mean it's right.

Thank you for writing and sharing this story, it is dark but it is a warning as you said in another comment - though the gods be silent, that doesn't mean they're sleeping.

IGBO story

I love this.

Truly the gods never leave us empty handed..

So chief Amanze son was the thief.


Yes. You got it. Thanks for your comment. He needed the money to return to Base. He spun the story about a robbery so that he might sell the car and go back without losing face in the community. Unfortunately, his father was fetish and insisted on having what he thought belonged to him but the gods are silent, not asleep.

Wow, that ending is quick and brutal. I'm still shocked and affected. Nice work <3


Thank you for reading the story. Your support is appreciated.


I believe in gods,

but I believe in gods as the creators of the universe.

I don't think that we deserve our own god.

God is the one who created and looks after EVERYTHING in the UNIVERSE.

we are not even a fraction of the universe


"The gods never leave us empty-handed. We are either blessed or cursed,"

Folowing the lines, I love the indigenous tone and unique expression of the story
Kudos on your effort


Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate your support.

God is loving and giver. He never turn down on us but instead we are the one always letting him down. He provided us with enough and we always mentioned that he never gives.
We prays for what we want but he never ask for return. Everytime i pray for forgiveness he defintely agrees with loves.

Interesting story, I like it!

하나님에 도움을 얻어서 하나님께 많은 위안을 받습니당^^

yang namanya tuhan tidak akan melupakan kita, dia tetap sayang dan rindu ketika kita tidak mengingat dia kembali, terimakasih telah berbagi, good luck friend

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GOD loves us


life is a choice to take. get to kana or to left. Everything is the same. all there are consequences to bear. God provides the various paths he wants to do everything he provides. But nothing is free.
when we decide the way to the left then we have to know there are consequences that will happen. so it is not possible we want to take the delicious course without bear the consequences.
the right path seems far away and the twisting. however, it is all useful for us to proceed.
the left path often seems shorter and faster up. but the stakes are also very heavy our lives or the people we love becomes a sacrifice.
God never let our hand is empty, but your shoulder must bear your luggage

warm regard from Indonesia

Yes God will never ever leave his creatures alone with empty hands God is with you every time every where if you have trust on God you will feel secure in his hand you will never feel alone with trust on God nice meaning full lesson you have given in this post complete touch of peaceful heart

A father in his true judgment is not going to pretend that something bad happens to his son, he will take him on the right paths, paths where there is nothing in which the child can stumble, paths where the child does not get lost.


True. Thanks.

Good write up.
Keep it up

The hand of our God gives us total security:

How many times the devil has wanted to come to scare you, has wanted to get up in your life or that of your family, but has not been able to; John 10:27 "... my sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me, and I give them eternal life; and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand ... "We are the sheep of the flock of our God, but we live surrounded by rampaging wolves, of the lion that is looking for someone to devour every day, but we are sure that our life is in the powerful hand of our God.

What a great story. I will remember that God never leave us empty-handed. Also,"For everything you win, there is something lost," I believe that as well. It's just like yin and yang.


Thanks :)

nice writing....keep it up

Have a great Sunday everyone

The hand of God lifts us up when we feel discouraged and we can not move on Isaiah 41:13 "... because I am Jehovah your God who holds you by your right hand and tells you not to fear, I help you ..."
Who knows if in these days you have felt that you are sinking because of worries, but God tells you to extend His hand, and take you to get you out in victory.
God wants to touch your life this afternoon, He wants to strengthen you. Ephesians 6:10 "For many more brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of his strength."

God indeed never leaves us empty handed, nice write-up and great work put into it. Keep it up!

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Excelente post, good work