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Hello again, dear @adsactly readers!
In one of my previous posts, the one on vampire burials, I mentioned thrill-seeking tourists flocking to Romania to experience Halloween in Dracula’s Castle. As I was saying then, the whole thing is fake, but if you’re into spooky stuff I have a much better destination for you - the Hoia-Baciu forest in central Romania, near the city of Cluj. A trip to this place is an out-of-this-world experience, and I do mean that, as many testimonies suggest this forest is a portal to other dimensions.


What can you expect from a day trip to this forest? (I said day trip, because I don’t think you’d find many locals to be your guide to this place at night.) Everything - people experiencing strange feeling and panic attacks, engines that stop, compasses that won’t work any more, not to mention ghostly apparitions and even UFOs. The trees grow weird, twisted and knotted as if invisible forces are bending them in unnatural shapes.

Legend has it that people in the area have always known that weird things happen in the Baciu forest and avoided going there, unless absolutely necessary. Still, they sometimes had to go in - to cut wood for winter or to gather mushrooms and berries. In the olden days, the anxiety attacks or the nausea they experienced, their animals behaving strangely, they attributed them to the devil.


In modern times, many scientists have tried to find reasonable explanations for the strange events and sightings, but, so far, they came up with nothing.
One of the first to undertake a scientific exploration of the forest was biologist Alexandru Sift, who was intrigued by the fantastic tales of the locals. Back in the 1950s, when he started his work, technology was not as advanced as it is today, so all he had at his disposal was a black-and-white camera. Imagine his shock, when he saw what was in the pictures - unexplainable shadows, ghosts, strange lights and shapes, that were unnoticeable to the naked eye. A phenomenon that scared the locals even more, who, being mostly poor villagers, had never used a camera in the forest.


One of the most famous incidents that happened in the Baciu forest was in 1968. On the 18th of August, Emil Barnea went to the forest with his girlfriend and some other friends, for a picnic - full knowing what people in the area thought about the place. Sometime around noon, as he was gathering wood to start a fire, Barnea was suddenly called back by his alarmed friends, anxious to have him witness the spectacular show in the sky. When he got to the clearing where his friends were, he saw an UFO, slowly circling over the forest, without making any sound. He managed to grab three shots of the mysterious object, that made a sort of mid-air tumble before disappearing.


Now, I know UFO sightings are a very controversial subject and there are many who consider such claims to be hoaxes. Incidentally, at the time, such sightings were quite popular in the West, especially in the US. However, in communist Romania, the poor guy had nothing to gain from making such extraordinary claims. On the contrary, Emil Barnea was employed with the military and his claim to have seen an UFO, cost him his job. Not to mention that, in those days, his belief in paranormal activities was put on his file. Another thing - there were no money to be made by selling his story to the tabloids, for the simple reason we had no tabloids at the time and only one state-run TV channel.
Communist authorities did not destroy the pictures and few years later they decided to go public with the extraordinary sighting. In 1977, the images were presented at the UFO Convention in Acapulco, however, not by the man who took them, but by a Soviet professor. To this day, the pictures are considered the best images of an UFO appearing in my country, but also among the best in the world.


The best authority on the strange phenomena taking place in the Baciu forest is a local professor, Adrian Patrut, who devoted many years to studying his place. He documented the magnetic anomalies and made a map of the most active spots in the forest. The most powerful spot seems to be the round clearing situated in the middle of the forest. People who stumble into one of the active spots are likely to suffer rashes, mild skin burns, anxiety attack, an intense thirst or even fainting. Time is experienced in a different way and sometimes the people who go into the forest have no idea how long they were inside, thinking it was just mere minutes, instead of actual hours. Animals feel it, too and there are stories of horses used to draw wood-carts going into a temporary paralysis that resolve itself on its own. Local veterinarians found nothing wrong with the animals when they were later called to examine them.
Professor Patrut also witnessed the strange apparitions, sometimes whole ghostly beings, but other times only heads. Like many other believers in paranormal phenomena, Patrut considers there are portals to other dimensions in the forest. The strange shapes captured on camera are the spirits of beings in a parallel universe.


There are those who believe people who are especially sensitive can actually see the spirits.
Here is how the experience was reported by the local press:
“When it gets dark and the air is fragrant with the scent of fresh grass, light portals start to open. Everything changes in the forest. The air is one minute hot, and then it becomes cold. The forest draws you to it like a magnet. There are various levels of energy. But you must leave all prejudice behind when you enter the forest, you must come with an open mind and allow yourself to feel things.”

Personally, I’ve never been to this place, but as I worked for many years in mass-media, I’ve met people who did go there. Being such a famous place in our country, obviously there’s a lot of interest for this subject. All I can tell you is that colleagues of mine who went to the Baciu forest on a regular assignment came back convinced they had witnessed something spectacular. Not to mention they described in detail how the car engine died on them and some of their expensive equipment malfunctioned because of the magnetic fields.

As strange as it may be, the Baciu forest is not unique in the world. There are other places where similar phenomena have been observed - the Hessdalen Valley in Norway, the Mojave Desert in the US, La Spezia-Arenzano in Italy, Belo Horizonte in Brazil and Mount Kailasa in Tibet.

Post authored by: @ladyrebecca.

References: 1, 2

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I am passionate about these mysterious and inexplicable subjects. I had already seen these images and heard about this forest, but I had not read about Emil Barnea and his work. No wonder communist governments hide information that they are not interested in making public or owning the works and property of others. In my country, Venezuela, there are many places where it is believed that there are many possibilities of having contacts with extraterrestrials or UFOs. One of the best known is a magical place called La Gran Sabana, one of the most wonderful and impressive places in this country. Thank you for bringing these themes, @ladyrebecca.

No wonder communist governments hide information that they are not interested in making public...

Obviously, not. For the communists, everything had a scientific explanation. They did their best to ban religion, so they could not tolerate people starting to believe in spirits. Especially as, at first, people in the are were not interested in UFOs and parallel universes. Many believed the spirits in the forest were those of the recently dead, that wander in between realms for 40 days, as this explanation was too close to religious practices. In the Christian Orthodox Church there's a special ceremony to mark the passing of 40 days since somebody's death, when food is offered for the spirit of the departed and his clothes are given to the poor.

This is really strange, even while I was reading it from my phone, I was frightened as if I am already in the forest. Since technology has really advanced now, I think biological scientists can now take up their research tools and think about this forest probably they could make new discoveries about the mystery in the forest.
I love @adsactly

A team of international experts would be great, I think.

Wow. I had not heard about this forest. The most misterious thing I had heard about was probably the Bermuda Triangle.
I wonder if scientist have dug in this area. Maybe there is something underground causing all this phenomena.
Quite fascinating place. Thanks for sharing the info with us. Very well written, as always

Actually, some journalists here have called this place a Romanian Bermuda Triangle, but I don't think the term describes accurately the sort of events registered in the forest. As far as I know, there are no recorded disparitions..

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This mysterious place that you present to us in such a striking way, @ladyrebecca, comes to give concretion to that enchanted forest that is in our imaginary, nourished by fairy tales or marvellous medieval.
I don't immediately believe in things spread as enigmatic, but I have no problem accepting them as part of the great mystery of life and the universe.
Forests will continue to be places of questions and encounters, even if we don't see UFOs or ghosts. As the Spanish philosopher María Zambrano wrote in her wonderful essay: "The clearing of the forest is a centre where it is not always possible to enter: (...) It is another kingdom that a soul inhabits and guards",

PS: when I read the name of the forest, Hoia-Baciu, the surname resonated but by a writer of Romanian origin, Stefan Baciu, exiled in Brazil, of whom I read a very good Antology of Latin American surrealist poetry.
Thank you and greetings.

waoo UFOs, parallel universes, ghosts, paranormal phenomena, I love these subjects, they are interesting and I firmly believe in them, I believe that everything is possible in this life, these things are very common but many times we ignore them, or it is considered classified information, that's why I admire those who do deep research on these phenomena. I loved the way you described your publication, thank you very much for sharing it.

Oh this makes me want to go there! Has anyone reported healing properties? This is definitely a powerful place on the earth, and it is very interesting that our scientists can make no sense of it even still.

Wow, just seeing those trees is enough to make you think twice. I'm thinking it would be a good place to shoot a fantasy movie, if any equipment would work there. 😅

Perhaps aliens are living there too. Hmmm such a mysterious place.

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