Adrenochrome The Elite's Secret Super Drug! Documentary

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In spite of the obvious humor here this is an excellent video because the fact is Adrenochrome is an entire industry and the reason there are so many missing children. Its not because of the perverts in vans in clown suits down by the river. The real danger is politicians in suits and pant suits like the Clinton's and the Elite political, business, banking and religious elites. We have all scratched our heads and wondered about ancient cultures and their human sacrifices, but few people realize that many if not most of them included blood ceremonies and even blood drinking for the adrenochrome.
Adrenochrome not only gives these people a high it fights/cures cancer and other diseases and can even reverse aging. Now you know why they are so hell bent on harvesting babies at planned parenthood. So they can make their own version of soup out of them and sell it to wealthy elites. Also apparently schizophrenics have a high level of adrenochrome due to their manic episodes and hallucinations but they also have a very low rate of cancer.
Would you drink blood from a crazy bipolar schizophrenic? Even the elites have standards. Thats why they prefer small children and virgins. It makes me want to throw up or at least go have a breath mint.
stay woke...
youtube video Adrenochrome The Elite's Secret Super Drug! Documentary


It's a real substance you can order online so no reason to kill children for it. It's also inactive and the people claiming its not saw fear and loathing and are fucking retards
order some here

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