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To all the adrenaline junkies, adventurers, action seekers out there: if you need some inspiration what to do on the weekend, I´ve got something for you.

A friend of mine just proved that fear is not real. It exclusively exists in our heads.

Only the ones who try will ever come to know.

Chasing dreams

Thanks for being one of the bravest persons I´ve ever come to know, Taz.

It´s important to have dreams, but even more important to turn them into reality.
We can watch a million videos, study the whole world reading books and magazines and... But there is nothing more valuable than a personal experience.

Stepping out of our comfort zone, discovering new limits and exceeding them makes us even more alive. 


I hope the police will enjoy watching your video, too :)

Marly - 

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Good find Marly!


Yip it is 😉 Thanks for the reblog, Frank! 🤘🏿


Late for dinner...LMAO

He stole and rode a fake dolphin...ROFL



I was crying when his mom asked where he crushed his pants 😂


Yeah, and he's kick flipping toy tek dek skateboards at the very top just how REAL sk8boarders would kick flip from high places usually off of stairs!


Kids these days...

Man! so many times I though bout climbing that ugly tower!!!


Jajajaj es verdad que tú lo tienes al lado 😄👍 Te podrías haber apuntado!

Great one, glad to see you post again! resteemed and promise not to try at home


Thanks my friend 😉
LOL - if anybody tried at least it wouldn't be my fault though 😁✌️

So nonchalant, as if he was walking in the park. Amazing courage!!
Thanks Marly, another winning post!!


Haha you are right, maybe it's because he does things like that all the time 😜
Thanks for your cool feedback!

What you did was really dangerous! But you're awesome! Great job. It takes a lot of courage to go up there and to run away from the police. Haha. Adrenaline, indeed.


Haha! No risk. No fun. 😎

OMG, Your friend is great, but mostly I just want to say, I love the Spanish people! :)

I haven't seen you and you haven't seen me.

If you die, give God a kiss for me.



I love them, too. There is always a lot of kindness and affection in their way of talking. That´s indeed unique and priceless ;)
Thanks for stopping by, lovejoy! Have a great weekend.


Truly... They do. Thanks! You have a great weekend too! :)

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