Weekly Minnows Adoption!

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Hello everyone! First of all thank you to all Steemians who are sticking around even though Steemit can be rough sometimes. Also you guys motivate me to keep posting a variety of things, even if I'm not always motivated to draw.

I know the frustrations of being a tiny minnow and the fear of getting stuck in place. The support I've been receiving has made all of the difference to me. A special thank you to @enternamehere for delegating as that was a positive turning point for me. Also a special thank you to @gmuxx for setting up Steempress for me. It makes a huge difference to see that extra vote per post, as my post payouts are too high for big curators. At the same time I put so much time into my posts that it takes a toll sometimes.


So here is my way give back to community and to bring the spirit up a bit through an awesome movement called #adoptme. I've first seen it by @poeticsnake in 2017 and recently @blacklux reminded me of it. I'm still a minnow myself, but the best way to motivate is through example. ^-^

It's very simple: once per week I'll adopt one minnow. They will receive 7 votes at 100% and 5 resteems. They have no time limit for posting so no need to rush!

I will add them to my Gina bot list so I will always know when they post.

I won't resteem single photo/paragraph posts and the resteem won't be wasted. In case you want to enter some contests. ^^

Also I will use 2 of my minnowsupport votes on their posts. This is not guaranteed, as I don't have control over the minnowsupport votes. (The votes are much bigger than mine)

How to enter:

● Simply write "Adoptme" in the comments.

● Resteem this post. You only need to resteem "Adoptme" post once per month. Next times you can enter without resteeming. :)

I'll make sure to recharge my SP before the adoption!

I'll check out the blogs of everyone who enters and announce the winner right after this post's payout along with new Adoptme contest round.

I'm looking for creative Steemians becauase my followers are more likely to follow and upvote those I adopt.

Also I'm holding a giveaway here: https://steemit.com/contest/@kristyglas/digitaltabletopgamesgiveaway-hzq34fodjk

Thank you for checking out and participating! ^^

Posted from my blog with SteemPress : http://www.kristyglas.com/2018/08/30/173/

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Mate you came up with a awesome project here. For minnows it is very helpful to get constant votes. ..You inspired me to also adopt a minnow! :)


Oh sweet!! Let me know if you make a post and I'll resteem or pick someone from here at the end as there are already many entries :D
Thank you for joining the movement!

what a dope idea!! I'm sure you will choose someone great that I can throw votes at as well :)


Thank you for the support! ^-^

Hey @kristyglas! It is so cool of you to do this! Thank you!! May I nominate @gmatthe2 to be adopted? Thank youuu!

Adopt@gmatthe2 :)


Thank you for participating ^^

Better late than never. Adoptme. Resteeming the next current post.