How I discover Adolf Hitler : The Greatest Story Never Told documentary TGSNT

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Greetings everyone!

This is my first blog post and the story begins in around the end 0f 2012 as follows......

In a quest of seeking answers to the meaning of life I was directed to Brian Ruhe's youtube channel :
Original link removed by Youtube
Updated : Brian's YT channel was deleted by Youtube he is now at

I started watching most of his video on the history of buddhism. I considered him my online buddhist history teacher. This is one of the interesting ones for your reflection it will open your mind about the real buddhism :
Video title : What is Wrong with Buddhism
Original link removed by Youtube
Updated :

He is a very knowledgeable teacher on this subject in fact he was ordained as a monk in Thailand before returning to Canada to teach in university around Vancouver area. I'm thankful to him for uploading his work to youtube which really opened my eyes about the true buddha teachings. I respect him alot for all his work. He also wrote 2 books titled "Freeing The Buddha" & "A Short Walk On An Ancient Path" for those interested can check out his website for detail at :

After watching many of his videos over the years I realised one day he changed direction from talking about buddhism, meditation, controvertial subject about Adolf Hitler, Revisionist, Holocaust....etc which I find odd at first and never bothered to watch any of his video for quite awhile. Then one day I decided to find out why and noticed that he was fired from his job as a buddhist teacher and also a sexual harrasment allegation with a woman he met on facebook. It took me awhile to continue investigating and found out why he got fired and things related to that woman. You can watched his explanation video here :

Video title : Sexual Harrassment Allegations on Buddhist Teacher Brian Ruhe
Original link removed by Youtube
Updated :

He also explained how & why he got fired at his website here :

After being fired he basically relied most of his income from savings, monetizing Youtube videos (but usually demonitized due to nature of his videos) & also donations via Paypal. If you are interested to help him out go to his website and click donate button below this page same time you can also watch his intro video on the same page titled "Life of Brian" (12 minute video) :
Original video removed by Youtube
Updated video here :

I honestly believe everything he said and doubt he is what that woman said about him. To me he is just being too nice to some bad people with bad intentions. There are people who used character assasination method to destroy his reputation. At one point he was forced to be evaluated at a psych ward hospital at Vancouver general hospital. If you go against the powerful entity this is what you get. I honestly think Brian Ruhe is such a brave man indeed and he should get all the help he can. You can watch how he was forced to that hospital in this 3 minute video here :

Video title : Brian Ruhe Released From Psych Hospital
Original link removed by Youtube

After knowing what had happened to him I started watching his non buddhism related video and that how that eventually leading me to Dennis Wise's documentary Adolf Hitler : The Greatest Story Never Told (I must warn you it's a 6 hours long documentary) There are playlist in Youtube but they always get removed so I decided to use instead so I don't need to edit this post in future. I'm not sure how decentralised Steemit is but if this blog post is flagged or removed then we'll know until then I'll just see what happen in this space. :)

Btw another reason why I don't use Youtube is some or most of the broken down parts of the videos have been removed so if I use playlist you might missed out some videos in between the documentary.

Full documentary here :

Video title : Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told ~ Full Documentary (right click open a new tab)

Video title : A message to all Alex Jones fans @ TGSNTtv
Original link removed by Youtube
Updated :

Video title : Adolf Hitler - The Awakening has Begun
Original link removed by Youtube
Updated :

"Original link removed by Youtube*

But before you watch the full documentary you need to watch below short video. Alex Jones was told by one of his subscriber about it in his show InfoWars but at that time he said he haven't really watched the documentary yet. I'm not sure if he did after that interview (I doubt cos he's too busy i guess) but I never heard him talk about it anymore and not sure if he is avoiding the subject on purpose. (If he did watched it) Maybe you guys can tell me. There are some who said they have panic attack after they watched the documentary. And some said you don't know 1/10 of it. Watch this short 3 minute video here :

Video title : The Documentary that has Rocked the Internet! @ TGSNTtv
Original link removed by Youtube
Updated :

I guess that's all for now and if you have any comments, recommendations, ideas or anything at all please do so. I'm open as long as it's not too nasty. And finally I hate to beg for upvotes but you guys just do your thing. If you don't like my post you can at least help Mr. Brian Ruhe as he is the ones who needed the most help he can get.

O.k guys you can now watch this full documentary below (don't waste time watching fake Discovery History Channel on T.V) :

Video title : Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told ~ Full Documentary (right click open a new tab)

If you want to watch in small 27 parts check out here :

For those who want to support Dennis Wise work check out his website :
You can also get his documentary TGSTN & Communism By The Backdoor DVD and Mein Kampf ebook here :
Updated :

Thanks for reading & spread the word guys! :)

(Updated some video link on 14th JUN 2019)


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wow! didn't even realised it. a great man but too many blinded ppl it's hard to even talk about him especially in canada

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