Flash CS6 Tutorials for Beginners Part 013 - Actionscript 3 While Loops

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Adobe Flash is a free software. It is a multimedia software platform for the production of animations, extended applications, desktop and mobile applications, games and integrated web browser video players.

What is the use of Adobe Flash Professional CS6?

Adobe Flash Professional CS6 is a creative tool that lets you create games, applications, and other content that responds to user interactions. Flash projects can include simple animations, video content, complex user interfaces, applications, and everything else.

These tutorials will be a beginners guide to Flash CS6 Tutorials.

Flash CS6 Tutorials for Beginners Part 013 - Actionscript 3 While Loops

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Oh that's great. I am not a very good graphic designer or photographer but recently I have started vlogging so taking some tutorials online and watching videos on youtube on how to edit vdieos and all that. I was thinking about some animations for my intro and other things and your post kind of have given me a direction.

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