Weekly ADK Vol.34(August 29 - September 2/2018)

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Japanese ver.

Hello, this is Yusui @hironoyusui.

This week, there were both good and bad topics in the ADK community.

All in all, ADK project itself and relationship with banks are very good.

However, ADK Team has struggle to carry out some plans, which are being listed on CMC (Coin Market Cap: https://coinmarketcap.com/ ) and some exchanges.
ADK team can’t control them and there are some delay on that plans, since that plans need cooperation of CMC and exchanges.

Personally, I hope that ADK team will have good relationships with CMC and exchanges in the future!



◆ADK logo on WAZITO FC uniforms

◆Articles about ADK and SUMAC came out

◆MisterTango signed a partnership with ICO

◆’Payrico.com’ project in EU

◆Hard fighting with CMC and one exchange

◆Growing up offshore market


1.ADK logo on WAZITO FC uniforms

※WAZITO FC is a football team playing in Kenya's top league.
ADK and SUMAC Microfinance Bank are their strategic partners.

WAZITO won the game and it was broadcasted on TV.

ADK and SUMAC logos were on their uniform!
※quoted from ADK telegram

2.Articles about ADK SUMAC came out

Aidos Kuneen Unveils Most Crypto-Friendly Banking Network

I hope this article contributes to awareness of ADK, though someone might say it is just a press release.

“ ADK holders will be able to have personal IBAN accounts and be able to exchange their ADK to Euro and vice versa. Each account holder will also have a free debit card connected to their bank account.”
*Quated from:https://bitcoinprbuzz.com/aidos-kuneen-unveils-most-crypto/

This is not a big news I spoke about.
Stay tuned, Kenyan news site will publish much bigger news.


3.MisterTango signed a partnership with ICO

MisterTango, one of the partner bankings of ADK team, signed a partnership with ICO project ‘Orca’.
※Ricardo is against to ICO for some reasons.

“Orca recently completed the first round of an ICO that raised $1.5 million. A second round is scheduled for October.”
*Quated from: https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2018/08/138357-crypto-startup-orca-partners-with-mistertango-on-sepa-payments/
※ Ricardo is against to ICO for several reasons.
※ ADK team is now working on a project in order to have their own bank in EU.

3.Payrico.com project in EU


“We have also registered the domain payrico.com As this will be the name for our EU banking. We will slowly reveal the exact location of Pay Rico when we get closer to getting the license approved. ”
*Quated from:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1954428.620

I guess they plan to have their own payment service or debit card backed by their own bank…??
I’m looking forward to it.

4.Hard fighting with CMC and exchanges


I received strange e-mails below (answer about listing ADK on CMC).
“Please understand that we need some way to verify the supply details on the block chain itself.
Please let us know when you’re able to provide a functional block explorer with a rich list or coin holder distribution table”

It seems that rich list can be made. However, there can be some changes on it due to technical designs of ADK.
※ ADK coder answered about anonymity of ADK in the past. He said that top list can be made.

☆VS The exchange




I hope Mr.Ricardo will carry out ADK ETF…

5.Growing up offshore market

“the global $40 tln offshore banking industry.”
*Quated from:https://cointelegraph.com/news/samsung-founder-to-be-fined-for-storing-billions-in-200-offshore-accounts-bitcoins-merit/amp

Mr.Ricardo said “32 trillion is underestimated. The offshore market is growing. It would be bigger than 32 trillion” before.
That seems right.

6.In the end of this article

That’s right, Mr.Ricardo! No one wouldn’t complain about ADK when its value hit $300.
(Then, those who buy ADK at $300 complain that ADK doesn’t hit $400…hehehe )

That’s all topics about ADK in last week!
Thank you for reading, see you next week.

ADK WhitePaper
(English Version)

In development: http://www.aidosfoundation.com/




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This is a nice article. Thank you.

Thank you for your kind support, sir!

Wow ! Very good! I think it's very real

I continue to be honest like ADK team :)

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