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Luke, my dear friend. It has been an honour having experienced friendship and memorable times with you. You have impacted my life more than once, and gave new perspective. It sure has been a blessing to know you. I got to watch you become a Legend. Your words of wisdom and intellect, your ego-less personality, and your dance moves at the raves.
Love you brother. Never forgotten, Always missedPhoto_on_2-1-18_at_3.23_PM.jpg
He took this picture soon before his passing on. He was on a rooftop in the Bronx in NYC.

This is a memory of a good time with him and his Love, @Seer. Myself in the middle. He could definitely dance. He would always be up at the front of the stage, and just flow with the beat. He was an inspiring friend.


I was slightly surprised to know that i'd missed an open mic he did because i was outside smoking and didn't expect that to happen. I shouldn't have been. He was so many different things. Miss him. Miss you too.

Surprised to know that our great hero is no more.
Though you're gone, your legacies live on@adapt.
Wishing your loved ones and indeed the steemit community "solace and fortitude"

From my observations, steemitblog tends to voluntarily decline payment for his posts.
Rare gem. Kudos@steemitblog

HALLO BUDDY STEEMIANS !! (Senior who already succeeded in steemit and also beginner steemit candidate for success).
This is my first post in an opportunity to introduce myself.
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So many of my introductions, greetings to all steemians friends and wish us all to be successful.
Thank you..!

This is completely irrelevant AND DISRESPECTFUL to this post and should be removed immediately.

I completely agree. Instead of showing respect and heart, some users just seek attention. Shame young-cs

I do not know anything, I just introduce myself to be known by senior seniors

Do you do the same at funerals? Go up and try to introduce yourself to get in with the higher-ups? Pretty sure you'd get punched in the face for that in real life.

You are arrogant with the little guy in steemit. wait till your account is hacked
I'm sorry

Threats now? Hm. FLAG.

well what should i do so that my mistake is forgiven, I want to apologize🙏

Its almost unbelievable (and yet here it is) that you would come to a post about someone we care abut who has died and try and shill your crap. Your rep here on Steemit will be destroyed as SHOULD BE .

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