Adenium - aka desert rose aka Hoa su

in #adenium2 years ago

Recently, with the extra free time due to the coronavirus, I have the luxury to begin a new hobby. That is to try to grow a flowering plant. I was on Facebook and saw a colleague has some
Of these beautiful flowers 💐. From her I learn that she calls them hoa sứ. In English they’re known as adenium or desert rose. Having grown orchids, I thought it would be fun.

I bought some bigger plants from a nursery and some of the smaller as bare roots from online.








The caudex I bought from online will take a while to grow and flower. I hope to be able to see some flowers next spring! I had to get some special soil mix so that I can put these adeniums in. They require a well watering mix. Also the thing about adenium is that they don’t like water too much so we plan to not water as often as our other plants.

Good luck to myself.

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