ADE SPECIAL ||| The ALL-ROUNDER: From Disco to Techno Techno ||| Benny Rodrigues

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ADE - Amsterdam Dance Event

Madness in Progress

Already for many years, Benny Rodrigues is Dutch most booked DJ! He is one of those rare artists who does everything himself, from bookings, management, to press, finances and everything a business person has to do.

He is loved by the Dutch party scene, and he plays at almost all the festivals and clubs we have in my little country. Frequently he has multiple gigs per day, I think his record must be something like 5 or 6 gigs in 24 hrs.

He can play many different styles, from proper techno (under the alias ROD), to tech-house, electro and disco. Outside the Netherlands, he is a frequently on Ibiza during the summer, playing for the HYTE guys in Amnesia, amongst others.

Benny Rodrigues's and ROD's entire program for ADE 2017:

  • Bizzey in de Club 2.0 - ADE Special (event link here)
  • Couch Sessions: Benny Rodrigues (event link here)
  • ADE Store: Pop-Up DJ set with Benny Rodrigues (event link here)
  • Ibiza Global Radio x Expatriate Records (event link here)
  • Wonderland Festival ADE Special Day 1 (event link here)
  • Thuishaven ADE Saturday (event link here)
  • Sexy By Nature (event link here)
  • Verknipt ADE Special - Day 1 (event link here)
  • Verknipt ADE Special - Day 2 (event link here)
  • Verknipt ADE Special - Day 3 (event link here)
  • Dockyard Festival ADE 2017 (event link here)
  • HYTE ADE (event link here)
  • Wonderland Festival ADE Special Day 2 (event link here)
  • Gem x Loveland ADE Closing (event link here)

Yesterday he played in the Amsterdam's Dance Music Store "Mary Go Wild" (see post (here).

Dance Tripping recorded the set I share with you today, it is Benny alter ego ROD behind the decks at one of Amsterdam most cosiest techno festivals, 909.

  • Artist: ROD aka Benny Rodrigues
  • Set: 909
  • Year: 2015

NJOY and See You Later at ADE

ROD aka Benny Rodrigues - 909 (2015)

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