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#Addictions are associated with loss of control over certain behaviours which may lead to serious consequences.The inability to abstain from such behaviours/substances makes it an addiction. Putting an end to any addiction is not always easy but it's going to worth it. Millions of people all over the #world are battling with various types of addiction. Let's take a look at some of these addictions

  • #Drug addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • #Pornography addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Video game addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Food addiction
  • Internet addiction and lots more


  • Most people with behavioural addictions become secretive
  • A person with an addiction experience mood swings
  • They become restless, confused, paranoid once they are out of the substance they are addicted to.
  • They are always defensive
  • The ability to control such behaviours reduces drastically.
  • Selling of property or stealing to afford their addiction
  • Poor performance at school,work etc
  • People with #gambling addiction tend to gamble more to relieve stress , thereby incurring more debt in bid to win back losses.
  • They experience anxiety/depression when trying to abstain from such addictions.
  • People with drug addiction might experience muscle aches, stomach cramps, sweating, headache fatigue etc
  1. For one to move forward he needs to accept his past,his present and take control of his life, changing all he doesn't like about himself.
  2. Remind yourself that having an addiction doesn't make you a bad person hence there is nothing to be ashamed of.
  3. Learn to celebrate your accomplishments,no matter how little it is. An alcoholic addict who usually takes 10 -12 bottles daily, reduces his daily intake to 5 bottles. He should celebrate his little accomplishment, hoping to completely eliminate that habit.
  4. Seek personal and professional help. By personal help I mean you should seek the help of your friends and loved ones to help your overcome your addictions. You can also seek for professional help by visiting a therapist.
  5. Find out what triggers your addictions and stay off those things For example a porn #addict might find it difficult to watch or read romantic contents without having a strong urge to watch porn and masturbate. Hence he is advised to stay off such contents.
  6. Quitting an addiction immediately is often difficult for most people hence it is advised to reduce your indulgence gradually until you stop it(addiction) completely.
  7. For one to completely eradicate an addiction,he needs to keep himself occupied with a new hoppy, hang out with friends who influences him positively. He can join a club,make new friends and start a new life.

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Just as am addicted to crypto currency I don't wish to quit self ☺

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