What is it about alcohol specifically? Ignoring the facts in front of us.

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Alcohol permeates almost every single aspect of Western Culture. It is used as a celebratory vehicle for all kinds of occasions. Television shows and movies all incorporate scenes of drinking for one reason or another. Sports use alcohol such as race car driving to celebrate a win.

History tells us that for many centuries, people have been making alcohol. Grapes have been crushed into wine for Kings and Queens for as long as time may tell which we all know. However, we can trace the origins even further back than medieval times going back to around 2000 BC to the Greeks.

The Greeks made a fermented Honey and water drink which loosely resembles today's modern Mead. Alcohol has played a prominent role in society for 4000 years now. So, why haven't we gotten smarter about it as a species? We have grown to understand a great many number of things about the human life. We know how to heal wounds, conduct invasive surgeries to remove ailments, can create stem cells and reverse many diseases. Yet, we still drink a poison with known damaging effects. How can this be?

We know the earth is round (haha conspiracy Flat Earthers) and have done for centuries. We know what the Moon really is. Loosely we understand the construct of time and have various mathematical concepts figured out. Yet we still drink alcohol and cause damage to our bodies. We know it causes damage because we can feel it, taste it and experience it for ourselves.

What do you think? Why do we still drink when we know so much as a society?


primitive central nervous system in a noisy-ass industrial world. bottoms up!

Ha! I totally understand what you're getting at - thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment.

Alcohol is ego centric as a drug, unlike marijuana.

The powers that be want to the populations to be on a egocentric drug - that has little day after effects.
Better tax slaves, and eg'so that make it easier to manipulate people -on a societal scale.

Imagine how little control, the powers that be, would have - if everyone was permanently stoned, or on mushrooms?

It's not an accident alcohol became societies drug of 'choice'

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