Simple Ideas to Keep Healthy in Recovery: Use an app!

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Simple Ideas to Keep Healthy: Use an app!

One of the hardest things about recovery and sobriety is to build new routines and healthy habits. For most of us we haven't led particularly healthy lives. Because of this, we have to find ways to things into our daily lives. So, what can we actually do help the situation? We think one of the best tools to use is the one we all have in our pockets - our phones! Let's explore some apps/options we recommend:

Couch to 5k


There are plenty of these kinds of apps around for both platforms and and for any country. Here in the UK we have an app which is free and built by the NHS. Check in your country for a similar app. It can really help you get started in a great way with fantastic coaching typically included.

Get a Fitbit


Getting a Fitbit can be a really good way to get you into good fitness habits. Fitbits (or similar fitness trackers) will have programs built in to support you increasing activity levels. My Fitbit, for example, tells me to keep active every hour by getting 250 steps which forces me to get up and move around. Nice.

Built in Device Options


Many of today's top phones include built in health and fitness apps. Apple has theirs and Google has theirs of course but check your phone manufacturer to see if they have something installed already.

These easy to access options provide you with a multitude of ways to get moving and active. Getting moving and active during recovery and beyond can be so helpful. It's one of the things we really focus on in our online courses.

To your recovery,

Live Rehab


Yes, it is very important to establish a better and healthier life, new habits, friends. It is a total change to keep your sobriety. Thank you for sharing!

Absolutely @hope777 - its something we find people have the hardest time with. I think I'm going to write more on this subject in the coming future. Thanks for popping by!

Good stuff, apps can be very useful if used right.

Well said. Some people like me would never bother to stick on the exercises until a companion pushed us so. But as you said, such apps can be our good companion and keep us motivated.
In my samsung android phone, there is built in app 'Samsung Health'. This app counts the daily foot steps I walk and notifies me from time to time to take few more steps to achieve target. Sometimes it encourage us by giving awards on completion or exceeding target. Now I have found pleasure and companion in form of mobile app.

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