People call me weird

in #addiction6 years ago

Aren’t you going to just have one?

“Come on you can have just one drink”

I hear this over and again.

Ever since I stopped drinking people don’t invite me out anymore, call me weird and just can’t understand why I don’t drink.

I want to be sober because I want to live the best possible life I can. And alcohol messes that up.

I'm like Tom Cruise. Because not drinking in today’s society is basically Mission Impossible.

The problem is that now I don’t fit in with most people, workplaces or even my own family.

Every time I’m out with other people they have questions about my sobriety or make comments about their own habits.

"You never come to happy hours."

"I don’t drink that much."

"I just drink on the weekends."

Looking back that’s probably why I started Live Rehab with my partner.

We were talking the other day about this exact thing, "People aren’t going to understand are they?"

I replied, "Nope. But we have to keep on trying anyway."

She paused, then laughed, "There has got to be other people like us right?"

When we’re looking to help people through Live Rehab we look for people who want to live the same kind of life.

Fathers who don’t want to wake up hungover anymore.

Mom’s who are sick of drinking around their kids.

Athletes who can’t risk they professional careers by drinking too much.

Hollywood celebrities that aren’t interested in traditional rehab.

Because there is nothing better than finally getting sober and living the best life possible.

The key is to know you’re in the right.

Then live it consciously.


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