Just don't tell me to go to rehab

in #addiction6 years ago

It makes my blood boil when people tell others that traditional rehab is the way to go.

People from the older generation have no idea about non-traditional approaches to addiction and recovery.

I can't really blame them though because they grew up in an era without the internet, apps and social media.

With today's mobile technology and online access, we're building a new way to source mental health support.

We have to allow people to get the help they need.

On their own terms

Terms that weren't possible or available when we were younger.

Let people approach their sobriety and addiction or recovery program wherever they want. However, they want.

Not every addict needs to go a traditional treatment facility and drop $30k for group sessions that don't support them in the real-world when shit hits the fan.

Not every addict should go to a weekly session and get a sponsor who might be just as fucked up as they are.

We're in a world today full of 24/7 mental health support powered by technology.

I can't tell an addict what route to take for recovery.

I don't even know what route is best for the individual person because each person is individual and has their own needs.

All I can do is provide support and access to learning material and proven strategies for beating addiction - whether online or offline.

Your path for recovery is not the same as anyone elses.

Your path should be defined by you.


nice post dude ..........keep it up
and follow me for good contant

I like your post @liverehab, My daughter is an addict and I love her very much. I remember who she was before addiction and I hold onto her humanity. Every addicts journey to recovery is different. I am raising my grandson who is 7 and pray for my daughter everyday, all day!

This is so true on many levels beating addiction is a personal internal struggle and our individual perspectives determine how we deal with it, and also is the linked to our interpretation of events in our lives which could trigger a reaction that could do more harm than good. Now, more than any other time in history we can connect with others all over the world who have had similar experiences and are now free from their addiction and learn from them your courses can do that for so many people.

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