Alcohol Addiction at Work – The Struggle is Real

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The struggle is real.

Earlier this week I was reminded of what its like to deal with addiction at work. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had to deal with it. But…

Something reminded of what it was like.

In a past life I had worked at a large call centre. You know the kind I’m talking about. Hundreds of people in grey lifeless cubicles. The monotonous drone of scummy sales tactics.

Proper boiler room style.

Anyway… I had a boss. And I hated every single time we had to meet. At the time I didn’t really comprehend that he had an alcohol problem. Looking back though…

It was obvious.

While the main tells were clearly evident like smelling of gin and red, puffy face, it was his behaviour that was less conspicuous.

Erratic. Unreliable. Forgetful. Angry.

You name it, he expressed it. I often wondered how he had even gotten the job in the first place, let alone managing a team of 20 people.

It was obvious he was dealing with something either consciously or subconsciously to do with alcohol. The craziest thing though?

It isn’t that uncommon.

Dealing with Addiction at Work

Being addicted to alcohol and having to go to work is no easy task. Even if you have a somewhat mild addiction you know what I’m talking about. How many times have you gone to work with a crazy hangover?

What starts out as a couple of drinks on a Friday night after work can quickly turn into a weekend affair that includes Sunday. Think about how you might connect with family members on a Sunday too. Lots of people have Sunday bbq events filled with family.

And, whenever there is family, there is alcohol.

Having a few drinks on a Sunday night isn’t necessarily a problem to begin with. But, when it turns into a raging hangover to start the week with? That’s a problem.

Look, work can be stressful, that much I know for sure. In fact, a recent study by Paychex revealed that the majority of workers are stressed on any given workday!

Work Stress Triggers Alcohol Addiction

With the understanding that stress can be a major trigger for addiction it becomes so easy to see why people drink alcohol to try and escape. You certainly aren’t alone if you resonate with what I’ve written.

It can become really serious though especially if you find yourself coming in to work still drunk. You can put your own job at risk and, depending on the situation, the livelihood of others too. If you are working a job that requires you to be safe on the job, like construction, you need to be extremely careful too.

“What’s the big deal with coming in to work with a hangover anyway?” I hear some of you say.

Well, the big deal is that you’re withdrawing from the alcohol in your body.

When I think about my old boss and how much he must have been struggling every single day I know he could have benefitted from a program like Sobriety Success.

Isn’t it just normal though?

Society has normalised the ritual of drinking with mates at a pub after work. Or it can be viewed as a rite of passage to come in with a hang over all bleary eyed, head pounding. While society has normalised it, isn’t it time to move past this? Doesn’t feeling this way need to stop?

For many people though there is very little option for help. The traditional approaches to recovery and sobriety are deeply rooted in either a twelve-step program or expensive inpatient treatment. Can you really afford the time or money to do either though?
Sobriety Success is different.

Sobriety Success treats addiction and recovery using an approach that focuses on the whole body, mind and social aspects of live. You take courses and programs that are designed to be consumed from wherever and whenever you need.

This means you aren’t tackling the problem on your own.

We’re there to help you through the whole process. We provide resources, ebooks, monthly mastermind sessions and ongoing support to help you.

Because you can tackle your addiction on your own terms it means you don’t have to miss a single day of work, take time away from your friends or family and can do so without breaking the bank.

You can get started with the Sobriety Success program for just $1 for 7 days of full access. After 7 days you’ll pay only $37 a month.

That’s less than a round of drinks for a Friday night.

Click here to get started

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