6 Mistakes that are costing you your sobriety

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Sobriety is hard - there is simply no other way to put it. Finding the strength to make the right moves in your life to become free from addiction is tough enough but there some things you might be doing to sabotage your own success. These 6 mistakes are the ones people make the most.

1. Comparing Yourself

You need to understad that your path, road or progress towards sobriety is your own. Comparing yourself to someone else is the worst way to establish your own journey.

2. Friends / coworkers

Your friends and coworkers aren't going to understand what you're going through or how to help. Don't rely on them to be able to assist you.

3. Having a Crap Diet

This one is so incredibly important and we've written about it before. Diet can help you feel amazing or terrible. You have to make good choices.

4. Expecting Instant Results

Remember when we said it was a journey earlier? Yeah the journey is going to take you a while. You can't expect instantaneous results and you have to understand it will take a while.

5. Isolating yourself

While we mention friends and coworkers not understanding, it can be important not to isolate yourself either. Don't go hanging around a bunch of coworkers or friends who drink a lot but definitely don't put yourself in isolation either.

6. Being too confident

You might feel great after a couple of weeks of sobriety but this is the major danger zone. Always be on the lookout for triggers or situations that might compromise your sobriety.

What did we miss?


Not quite for me since I haven't been sober since 1999 lol but gave it some love cuz I know many people do need help.

Very helpful post there, giving us points that emphasize to us how to keep our sobriety. Rightly so, that first point on not comparing yourself to others, really helps us to keep our peace. Thanks for this post

Thanks @yowanetwork for dropping by - keeping your own internal peace could have been #7 for sure! Perhaps I'll add it in an upcoming post too. Cheers!

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Slave of time?
Time for breakfast, time for snacks, time for lunch, time for snacks, time for dinner. Are these too much? This is just an example of how we're slaves of time in my opinion. We sometimes don't listen to our body, we listen to the time that we're cultured in, which would turn us to food addiction. The word breakfast itself is a violation of fasting, it means to break a fast. "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." A food industry slogan?

Just a ranting style opinion lol.
Please criticize me lol

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