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I am not here to tell you smoking is bad or you must quit smoking or give up your addiction if you have one.

I am saying, be passionate about changing the world as passionate as you are about your smoking.

You will smoke every day and you will do whatever you have to do to have your cigarette as you want, no matter what the cost is, or what picture is on your cigarette packet. You will buy it.

That’s dedications, that's one area in your life that you will never have an excuse, you will always find a way to make it happen, to have that smoke, to enjoy that cigarette.

Even though, the resources and all the labor and abuse that goes into that cigarette is unacceptable, especially the child labor and in general the under paid workers.

Not to mention the habitats and land that has been taken from nature or any other species that might have before inhabited the area that was part of the greater balance of this planet.

Now can we have the same dedication, the same frame of mind that drives us to smoke and have that smoke to change this world?

Now I have two suggestions for you on how to now apply this the same way to change the world.

At Earth Haven, we are basically crowdfunding world change, with the funds we set up sustainable communities all around the world. But we need people to be addicted to wanting to support someone else becoming a Billionaire to change the world, the same way we make billionaires with our addictions and thus money spending, we at Earth Haven do not have a product for you that you can suck on and inhale and feel something, we have a product called earth, that’s our mother, that is kind of in a sick bed in a hospital, but nothing is looking good.

So, we ask that you pledge 1 Dollar a month to earth Haven on patreon here - like an addict, because we need to have the exact same experience to change this world, as what we have when we want that cigarette and there just isn’t one, and how we will do anything to get that cigarette, to change this world.

If you want to quit smoking and you know you have an addiction that is really bothering you and has been for a long time but you just cannot find yourself to stop, then we have a simple solution, remove the money that supports your addiction. So calculate the amount that you spend on cigarettes every month, then on Patreon to Earth Haven, make that amount your monthly pledge – thus next month, you will not have the money and thus can nt support your addiction, Instead you are supporting world change. Be warned, you will suffer the first few days and will try and do anything to get a cigarette, but won’t have money, so when you make this decision, make sure you stand by it.

The same link counts for this one here -

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my twist and creativity here.

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This is a really cool post. at one point in my process I understood energetic addictions as really being the only thing stopping us from truly changing ourselves/the world. I have tried giving up ALL energetic addictions at one point and din't last very was hell. I also found it extremely disheartening to see that virtually no one around me was willing to even consider such a point. On the other side of that reaction I have the greatest respect for Destonians and what it means to be a Destonian, but that respect is yet to be lived fully.

I have been thinking about trying to give up again cold Turkey. I've thought about all of the new constructive and creative REAL things that I could put the money that I use to support addictions into. I could build something real that lasts for generations. I know I can do it, I have done it several times, but I often feel as though I need a "break" from my every day routine to assist with the withdrawal period. The addictions have become such a part of my daily life/work life and survival patterns that going through the withdrawal while working feels like a daunting and overwhelming prospect.

Suggestions/insights/perspectives are welcome as I have struggle with this point for some time but ultimately I am aware that there is no other real way forward, there is no real free choice, and I 'owe it to myself' to 'give life a chance'. after it is not like I will cease to exist when I stop - and that is kind of the fear - who am I? what will I be? and yet, to answer those questions, to be the creator of oneself is what it does mean to really live.

Thanks for sharing Gian.


Hey Adrian.
It is always about who we are and that determines what we do. this is why for example when I went cold turkey a few times I could not push through the change and ended up right back at square one. because I believed me stopping and addiction will bring change to me, yet the addiction was within me, not outside of me. This required me to first work on a LOT of intenal points of who I have accepted and allowed myself to be while still doing the addictive thing, I have found that once I have written and applied a lot of self-forgiveness and made sure there is nothing hidden, then giving up an adiction is easy, because it works like currencies, there was no stock to back up the currency value, so when I dropped the currency in which I was trading which in this case is energy, It was easy as the stock as also not htere, so there was NO value, I removed the stock through writing LOTS and thus the currency lost its feeding bay, so to say.

A few times I also stopped certain addictions with the self-agreement that when I stop the addiction I will write and apply myself ever single time I feel like not stopping or giving up on stopping, and thus used going cold turkey to highlight the points existant within me and to then grab them and deal with them.

I also stop certain addictions based on common sense and practicality and what is best for all in the long run. these are easy as long as I know what I stand for and why, this again goes back to self and who I am, this process of who I am and thus creating myself as that best for all takes a LONG process, but you are very familiar with this lol. so it is about consistancy and not giving up, but be okay with failures, even if failure is all that one lives for years, be okay with it and know that your agreement with yourself is that you will make it, you will push through. Thats how I walk with myself.

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