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So it's day five of my alcohol avoidance, and I'm feeling wonderful.

For those of you who partake, I can fully understand how you might have a negative reaction to such a statement. I used to. I would think, "Well, damn, that's great. So happy for you," and then they'd hit me with the follow-up:

You should try it, too.

I would get so irritated. I felt like: if I really wanted to, I would. Just like that. I would just give it up. I would say to myself that the only reason why I had not given it up was simply because I did not want to. I told myself that it was my choice.

But it was a lack of choice that kept me going for the bottle. I hadn't chosen to continue to drink out of enjoyment, I was avoiding the choice to abstain. The angry reaction I would have when someone shared the fact that they had given up drinking was a clear sign that I was not taking control of myself and/or my actions.

I have humbled myself before Him.

I realize now that in my denial, I denied Him.

I have chosen to blog my experience with this choice to abstain and cleanse publicly as a way to humble myself before you, and therefore, before God.

This selfie was taken a few years ago, before I began to enjoy drinking a little too much. It serves as a motive to reach the goal of health that I once enjoyed.

Please feel free to leave any comments below. Any support, sharing of experiences, or simple kind words are always welcome. Thank you!

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Well done you! And posting about your journey here is a good way to keep you on the straight and narrow, of course. You know we are all cheering you on.


Of course! I can't possibly stray now that everyone is cheering me on. Thanks!

I really like your style of writing!


Omigosh, thank you! Ugh, it feels SO good to be validated! Give me all the praise, I love it. ^_^

He will give you strength, and amazing experiences you wouldn't have otherwise spending your time the way it required you to. You will have freedom and joy along this new path. Each day will be new, just waiting for you to fill it with hope and progress :)


Beautiful words of encouragement, thank you.

It's super brave not only embarking on this journey but also speaking about it publicly.

I am on a similar journey focused on discipline and riding myself of certain bad habits.

Keep on keeping on!

you are soo beautyfull


Good luck on your new journey! I am currently reading the book "Easyway to Stop Drinking," it has great reviews and comes highly recommended.


Oh great, thank you for the info! I'll be posting on most days, so just let me know in the comments when you've finished and what your thoughts were as you read it. I would be very interested to hear about it. I'll see if I can pick up a copy and maybe we can discuss our perspectives.

good for you, keep going, keep being accountable. people are here with you.


Thank you for your support!

I am glad to see you still going strong! It gives me strength to kick my unwanted habits.


Thank you! I am so happy to have been an inspiration to you!

I'm a regular watcher of Omar's vids and I really respect your decision to do this - I know I could use a break as well, and maybe I'll make that happen. Congratulations, I look forward to reading future posts!


If you think you might need a break, go ahead. Why not? There's the complete opposite of harm in taking a temporary break from alcohol.
Plus, you'll save $$, and that will last into your reintroduction to alcohol- your tolerance will have gone down by then.
It's all stars!

Thank you, and I will certainly deliver.

Hello @ellemarieisme! Crypt0 sent me. I like your posts and the story you're telling. I have mostly given up alcohol as well. It's so much better. This is the book that got me off it, if you're interested: https://www.amazon.com/Kick-Drink-Easily-Jason-Vale/dp/1845903900

It's a great read.


Thank you! I will be certain to check that out.

I have conquered some of my fears and self-destruction habits and I do have a sense of understanding how you feel. My best advice, keep going, you can totally do it, even if you feel like you can't.

Greetings from Argentina. Upvoted. Cheers =)


Thank you for the vote of confidence! Greatly appreciated.


Thank you kindly!

That's great -- I totally support an effort a person makes toward becoming a better version of themselves. I've cut back to about two or three glasses of wine per week and have found myself wondering if I even need those. Frankly, I'd have a much harder time giving up my two daily cups of coffee -- nasty headaches.


Oh I hear ya, I suffer from migraines. Funny because you'd think that would be motivation enough to quit abusing alcohol... but no. It wasn't. It wasn't until I made the choice. Simple as that.
For something like that addiction to caffeine, though, I would recommend cutting back slowly. Measure out your coffee and reduce it by an ounce per serving every week. No need to reduce the amount of servings a day, so if you usually have two, keep having two. That should be a very gradual reduction to ease your way out.
But you know, coffee is actually good for you, if you refrain from adding any sugar or milk. I'm actually a fan of Bulletproof coffee, where you add ghee or grass-fed butter and MCT oil. It's so rich and delicious, and it makes me feel pretty great for the whole day.


Yeah, we have grass-fed ghee, my problem is that I am more often compelled to reach for this raw honey I love -- which takes us back to the sugar issue. It's good just to have outlets to talk through our conditioning to take things into our brains and bodies that cause self-harm and seldom do any good.

I've started developing a piece on longevity and plant-based foods and that's become a rabbit hole because of the conflicting data. Anyway, best of luck. I can relate the generational chemical dependency issues and am glad to see you dealing with them at a young age. I think that will be of great benefit to you both soon and in the long-run.


I wish you success.


Thank you for the well-wishes!

I am so happy for you, keep on going, you can do it. We are all strong when we really want to be.

It's really good to see that you are trying to over come your obstacle. It's not always easy to do that. I am glad to know that you are trying to improve from the situation. I am wishing you much love and success in life in what you do. very best of luck.


Thank you so much! What a warm response. I greatly appreciate your words.

You just have to keep going...take it day by day and it's only gets better. Great work!!!

@ellemarieisme Seeing you and Omar I would have never guessed you were on this sort of journey, so full of happiness and freedom. I'm really glad you're sharing your journey with the community and I trust you'll be successful. $PEACE:!

Keep it up!! As we say in the program...One day at a time!!

This makes me smile :) As a personal trainer I love seeing make positive steps towards living a healthier, happier life.

Keep up the great work! Followed to show support


Thank you! I greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for sharing! Its been about two weeks for me. Its very difficult.

Keep going and don't stop praying and believing that you're free from these desires.


Thank you for the encouragement! Have you tried switching to iced tea? I find it's really easing the process for me. Best!