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I wrote this when I was 14 for my favorite Uncle, he was so smart , fun, funny, charismatic, an amzing business man-just all around the coolest uncle a girl could ask for..he was 1 of 6 brothers..he was the 2nd born, my dad the this point I now only have the 1st born, 4th & 6th left..
But anyway he got addicted to what I knew at the time to be ice...did not know what that I do..all too well..he passed when I wad 15
I wrote him this poem to maybe help him see what we sae..what I saw..he cried..and yes got sober but it was too late..too much damage had been done image

He is the one in front holding his first & only child

Life takes turns
yet mostly for the worst
one second you're fine
the next you're in a hearse
I can't understand why people get so addicted
the drugs, the alcohol
It could have all been prevented
Now you lay in a hospital bed
looking around, nodding your head
wishing you could change all that's been done
Isn't it revolting what can happen to one
If I could take your place
I wouldn't hesitate
but I can't pick an choose
when it comes to fate
I often wonder why you became-addicted, scared & basically put to shame

Adolescent writing I was only 14 but my heart was in it

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I AM WITH YOU!! ruined so many good people I loved so much!

You have such a way with words babe! Beautiful poem, and a really cool pic! I love you..😓