Power Distributor Board for Multiple Power Supplies Sold for STEEM

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I've been considering offering a product for sale on Steemit that can be purchased with STEEM tokens and it is now the time to give it a try after the initial production run is now ready. The product in question is an ADD2PSU type of power distributor board that can be used to connect two or more power supplies together in a single computer. There is no maximum number of PSUs that can be connected together using these boards, you just need one more board for extra additional power supply.

These boards are mostly useful for crypto mining rigs with video cards, especially when there is a shortage of high-power PSUs on the market. Something that can be solved with the use of two or three lower power PSUs connected with such power distributor boards.


The size of the board is 65x30 mm, so it is pretty compact and it uses a relay to switch on the second ATX power supply automatically as soon as you turn on the main one. There are multiple red LEDs available to show the status of the board and the power supplies connected to it. The main power supply connects to the 4-pin Molex power connector and the second one is attached to the 24-pin power supply connector (both have LEDs). There are also separate red LEDs showing the status of the 3.3V, 5V and 12V lines (if they are Ok or not).

The device is with professionally made black PCB and white connectors and red status LEDs, there are mounting holes at the edges, good quality components and made in the EU, not in China. The initial production run is pretty small in order to check the interest in the product, so only 1 unit per person.

The price of a single board is 25 STEEM, this price includes priority air mail shipping with tracking number to pretty much any location worldwide! Shipping is from within the European Union, so no additional taxes for member countries, any import taxes for other locations are the buyer's responsibility.

Do note the price and terms might change, if you are interested in ordering more units they can be produced especially for you and the price may be lower, though at this point production will take some time.

If you are interested in ordering a power distributor board you can drop a comment here and we can discuss the details on the Steemit chat, you can find me under @cryptos there as well. Currently taking orders for single unit per user only, price is 25 STEEM with the shipping costs included.

If you have a question or want to add something, then please leave a comment below.

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dude, that's a super smart idea. especially going after a niche market of people that want it. have you done product testing on these, like i wanna know it's got all the standards before i leave it in my caravan running 24/7 on my crypto miner! :)


says hardwareBG so it's from bulgaria? tell me more!


No CE, FCC etc. though the design is thoroughy tested and the initial prototypes have been running for a couple of months without any issues before going for the initial production run. As with all electrical components there is some common sense required to make sure that you prevent any possible issues when installing...


the three dots on the end said everything. thanks for the information! :)

Good share, many thank you

Awesome distributor!

Thanks for the information @cryptos, this is very useful, but I have not been able to use it

@cryptos, if I don't want to get too technical, is it still profitable to cloud mine these days? -- @bigoldbitties

hello~ nice to meet you^^
i followed you^^

Hey @cryptos, if you ever think of setting up an online store to sell these let me know, I can get you setup in a few days :)


At some point if there is interest I can do it, but for now I want to see if there is user itnerest first... :)


Cool I wish you the best mate :)

It is a great and very helpful gadgets..

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