International aceh dance

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There are many types of traditional dances in Indonesia. But there is one dance that is very fantastic, namely the Acehnese traditional dance. One of them is the jaroe ratoh dance (thousand hands)
There are 8 traditional dances originating from Aceh:

  1. Saman dance. Saman dance.
  2. Laweut Aceh Dance. Laweut dance.
    3.Tarek Pukat Dance. Tarek Pukat Dance.
  3. Bines Dance. Bines Dance.
  4. Didong dance. doong dance.
  5. Rapai Geleng. reach shake.
  6. Tari Ula Ula Lembing. ula ula lembing dance. 8. Ratoh Duek Aceh Dance. Ratoh Doek Dance
    Of all the traditional dances the most prominent is saman dance, where in the art teaches extraordinary cohesiveness. Not everyone can do it, but with routine training nothing is impossible. Now the dance has become a world heritage, asceh dance owners don't necessarily forbid all elements to learn it.
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