Is Your Weather a bit Weird Lately?

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Please check out this interesting video about the recent storms we just had in the UK. The lighting storms were the strongest i have noticed for a while, the first came i think on Saturday night the second storm was in the day on Sunday.

My poor 🐶dog 🐶was petrified but she got a lot of love and settled down after the storms passed.

This video is from the outstanding gentleman on youtube called adapt2030 you can find his channel here, I highly recommend watching a few of his videos & supporting him if you can. His main focus is that our sun is currently in or entering a quieter cyclical stage with fewer sunspots, this means that earth receives more space weather, thus altering our climate.

His videos can seem a bit alarming, which some people may not like, but the important stuff I have learned (I am now convinced of) is that our climate and weather are governed by our sun, weather is not governed by us polluting our atmosphere, we only have a very small effect.

If you believe that man made global warming (anthropogenic climate change) is real then please consider the following truths

  • 🐜Termites 🐜 produce TWICE as much C02 than ALL human activity put together
  • 🐄Diary cows 🐄️ alone produce 20-30% of C02 ~ what is the actual real figures if you add all the other natural animal, insect & volcano emissions? 
  • C02 is what humans breath out, we can't really☠️kill all of us ☠️to fix a problem 🤪
  • C02 is what 🌳trees & plants 🌳breath in, without C02 they will die, in fact lots of commercial growers pump C02 into their greenhouses to increase food yields.

We can-not control how much C02 is produced on earth so please lets stop pretending that we can!


Termite gas exceeds smokestack pollution

Are cows the cause of global warming?

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It is not only CO2, there are many other chemicals that go up in the atmosphere. Some of them get into clouds and make acid rain that ruins harvests, others are toxic for the lungs of humans and animals and others change the way that sunbeams get to the sufrace of the Earth. The effects of global warming are not as much caused by the increasing temperatures themselves as much as they are caused by the change of direction of the global hot and cold air currents. :)


Sorry it's nothing to do with air currents, increasing temps, they are effects NOT the cause.

C02 is the biggest influence in so called "global warming" according to the stories we have all been brainwashed with.

I'm not saying man made pollution has no effect, what i am saying is that the world has been brainwashed into thinking humans producing c02 is the main cause!

If you study and watch the adapt 2030 youtube channel (and open your eyes) you will see this.

To simplify I think it's like this

Cause of climate change:

99% sun : 1% man


We have all caused "global warming" by emitting c02 in to the air (by breathing) and using cars etc.This is what we have been told by the people who now tax us more for emitting c02 (breathing).
"They" wouldn't ever lie to us about anything would "they"!
Apparently there's a good article in the Washington post about "global warming",we should read that to get the truth!😂lmfao😂


Never thought of it from that point of view, there is a saying that some people still say, it goes something like this... "If they could tax us for breathing, they fucking would".

Well like you say it seems they are! 😂lmfao😂 Thanks for the resteem.