Larken and Adam Should Start a Brothel Together or [I Need to Let Out Some Steem]

in #adam6 years ago

After hearing about these two, principled gentlemen's sexual endeavors of ultra-abusive nature and life-destroying ethics, a fantastic idea entered my mind earlier today while pondering about my post-Mongolian life that I'd very much like to share with you right here and right now:

Given the widespread belief that an individual should stay true to his values, and given that the actions of an individual determine his or her principles, i.e. the highest possible values of these fine boys are to fuck other guys' wives telling their kid they have a second father, cheat, call their girlfriends disgusting, and lying to and defrauding people,  then why not just open up a brothel somewhere where it's not illegal and call it Liberbrothia, or some crazy shit like that? Of course, it doesn't necessarily have to be called that. I know how much you guys love fiddling with the linguistics of stuff, so I'm sure you'll find a way more fitting name than any Earnstein walking this planet could ever pull out of their ass, and I know the name of the thing is more than the thing itself, because principles(!): something you have proved loads of!

That very last part had cumloads of sarcasm, by the way, in case you missed that.

The name is what's up for debate. The brothel will happen. Adam will be the owner and Larken the manager. The feud for what to name the actual facility will be will require intimate debate between these amazing, anti-government, super-virtuous-in-their-personal-lives dudes. You guys will love it.

(More information about scheduled debate will be released shortly)

Oh, and of course, we here at Huggson E. Inc DO NOT offer to rent our facilities for said usage. We are a family business and that alone.

Earnstein signing in and signing out! Loads of stuff keep on drippin'

- Stratched Scratchford Earnstein

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