The Most Generous Man On Earth!

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The title of this post is not exaggerated even the slightest.

This man has given tens of thousands of dollars away to family, friends and total strangers without expecting anything in return.

This man has also lent thousands of dollars to family and friends without being repaid but still finds it hard to say no to them.

This man has dropped things he was doing to go help someone in need without being asked to do so and has NEVER asked for anything in return.

The other day, this man heard about a young lady that was working in a bakery and had all of her tip money stolen. The suspect was seen on camera taking the money out of her tip jar before fleeing the store. Law enforcement knows who the suspect is but has yet to locate him. The young lady was working to save money for college.

After this man heard about this story, he went to the bakery and asked to speak to the victim. This man asked the lady how much she thought was in the tip jar and she replied "maybe 15 dollars at the most."

This man took out his wallet and gave the young lady 40 dollars. The young lady and her mother started crying and was extremely grateful.

This man was offered free baked goods as a token of their appreciation but he refused.

The ladies wanted to praise this man by writing a post on social media thanking him and also contacted the local TV news station to air the story.

This man politely told the ladies that he did not do this good deed for any type of recognition and requested to remain anonymous. The ladies still wrote a post on social media as well as had the story televised but they honored this mans wishes by leaving out his name. Below is the post that she wrote...


And below is a picture of this man and the victim.


This man is also my father, I'm extremely proud to say! I'm very grateful to have such a hard working, trustworthy, generous, loving and caring man as my dad.

Money is not everything guys. If you have extra, consider yourself blessed and help out your fellow man; it will make the world a better place.

Non Ducor, Duco



These are my favorite kinds of posts buddy. I love reading great stories - especially true ones - when our own media is so focused on getting people to see the negative aspects of our lives. Your dad is awesome. I hope one day to be compared to him or at least somebody think as highly of me in the generosity category.

Man I'm so glad you resteemed this post,I follow @bluelightbandit and almost missed it!

And I'm glad you found it! Love this one. Honestly, the best one I've read today.

Thank you sir for your very kind words, I greatly appreciate it!

Thank you sir for your
Very kind words, I greatly
Appreciate it!

                 - bluelightbandit

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Wow, I can see the resemblance! Nice to have a Dad to be proud of! I am sure it goes both ways. Money is not the end all or be all. Just helping folks is important and he really did help this girl out. Kudos to him.

I'm definitely a lucky guy for sure! I hope everything is going okay with you. I have been thinking about you but I haven't been on steemit in several days. I will go visit your blog after I post this comment to get caught up in hopefully good news.

There isn't any and we need to go more undercover. My son's house is being watched and listened to. I don't think we are at the compound yet so from now on posts on here (if I talk about Nicaragua) will be very tame. No photos and only talk about the economy or lack of medicines and food. Things that are safe. So the next post may say nothing much. When we are safely out then I will be able to post about other things and not only the weather. I really appreciate your support and friendship.

Thank you for this beautiful article, my friend! Our parents are unsung heroes. They raise children with unconditional love and generosity. Sometimes their generosity extends outside of the immediate family. I too was raised in the same environment of love, giving and not expecting anything in return. You are blessed to have a father who has set a good example for you and for others to follow. God bless your Dad.

Thank you Ms. Saver! I know that you are a very generous person yourself and I greatly appreciate you. I've seen countless occasions where you have gifted members of our community with very generous and thoughtful gifts. Thank you for being you! 😊

Your old man sound like a true gentleman and one of the last of a dying breed. Although we will never meet thank your Dad in my behalf for being a stand-up bloke and showing us all there is some good left in this world.

You hit the nail on the head bud, he is part of a dying breed. His work ethic is second to none. He just turned 65, still works harder than most people half his age and has never called in sick a day in his life. Thanks for your comment and I will definitely pass the message to him.

THat is absolutely awesome!!!!👍 your dad is a great guy. Thanks for sharing that my friend. And when I make my way down south I’ll take you both out for beers.🍺

I'm going to hold you to that @silverd510! Just be sure to bring plenty of money, this ol' boy gets pretty thirsty sometimes 😁 🍻

You certainly can. I got it covered...

What a special post this was! oh my goodness - it's not just a "feel good" kind of post - it's a DO GOOD , SPREAD GOOD kind of post.

I love it! Thank you for sharing! I'm sure that your dad raised someone as generous and kind as himself

Loving the Fam!

Thank you so much for your great comment, I greatly appreciate it! 😊

you bet!!! gotta keep supporting people like your dad. Please tell him tht we all appreciate his love for humanity <3

blessed by his heart!

The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree @bluelightbandit.
Being the recipient of your own generosity most recently, I can personally attest to this. I hope to meet both you and your father in person one day and give you both big hugs. Thank you for being stand-up human beings. ;)

I'm gonna hold you to that! 🤗

Real life and living is the one which affects the lives of others positively. Is a one of impact. I call that love that is real. It is a virtue that flows from in the inside out.

Remember sometime ago you dropped a post here showing us a picture of hat you got for dad and how much it cost and requested us to tell you how beautiful it was? I can remember saying that you are a good man and that you are sure reflecting the lessons and virtues passed to you from your dad.

And I finally dropped a striking statement which is;

Nothing is too expensive for a good man like dad


I am proud to know you.

I am inspired.

I am me @brightfame

Thank you as always, sir!

You have a great family my friend! The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. More good deeds will follow you if your looking for places to help others. Have a great week! 👍🏼🍺🥓

Thanks AG! I'm very fortunate to have the family that I have. I give them all the credit for who I am today. I have some big shoes to fill.

Money is not everything but that sure made that ladies day, give your dad a 👍big thumbs up from me

Thanks man! I think just the gesture meant more to the kid than the money did. She was so upset that someone could be so cold hearted that a nice gesture from a total stranger restored her faith in humanity. Thanks again!

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