Some psychological facts..

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Taking a cold bathe each and every morning develops discipline, intellectual electricity and regularly drives away concern from your life.
Practicing easy mental math puts your idea to task, forces your mind to expand, improves your IQ, improves memory, develops creativity and imagination, and typically makes you smarter.
When you read a novel or pay attention to a story about human beings you’ve by no means met, or places you’ve never visited, the Genius starts to structure mental snap shots and pics of the human beings and locations to assist you apprehend the story. The solely way the brain can recognize memories or summary principles is by means of forming mental photos and images and then evaluating then with images of real human beings and locations you’ve seen, visited or read about before.
The best way to apprehend something is to structure a intellectual picture or photograph of the thing. This method can be used to explain very complex standards even to human beings who are very illiterate and cannot examine or write.
Don’t stress your brain trying to remember some thing you’ve forgotten. Instead, you can assist your talent to bear in mind the ‘thing’ you’ve reputedly forgotten, by making an attempt to be mindful something else you did more recently that carefully resembles the thing you’re attempting to remember.


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