Betting on golf isn't like depending on a contact sport.

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Betting on golf isn't like depending on a contact sport.
In a contact sport you have got 2 selections. within the Masters, there have been (pick a number) say twenty five players UN agency had associate degree debatable shot at winning (technically anyone within the field might have won, however let’s say twenty five had a “decent” chance).
Suppose that Tiger has ten individuals gage him and every of the opposite twenty four players gets one bet. Tiger has ten times as several bets for him vs the other player. however if you add up those alternative players, you have got twenty four total bets to Tiger’s ten. therefore quite 0.5 the bets square measure against Tiger, even if Tiger has 10 times as several bets as the other player.
Its extraordinarily unlikely to select the winner in golf as a result of there square measure such a big amount of players UN agency square measure capable of winning on any given day. It’s even harder since last week’s performance for any participant isn't terribly prognostic of this week’s, in contrast to most sports.


Golf is really harder than other games .. it's not predictable.