My Take on Soft Fork 0.22.2

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I am on steem blockchain for 3+ yrs. All these years I have maintained my stand that Steem is best blockchain in crypto space. Price of Steem has rarely been an issue to me.

The value I assigned to steem was purely for the premise that it intends to make the social media truly decentralized. Yes there was fear all along that large stakeholder accounts e.g. by steemit may some day compromise the decentralization premise but mostly that was not an issue to me as long as they were engaged, involved and kept delivering codes.

However, with the sale of steemit to @justinsunsteemit and not very clear communication or even conflicting communication did cause sleepless nights in last 10-15 days.

I am against any account being barred or blacklisted as that is against the spirit of decentralization. However, if any sufficiently large account is seen as threat to decentralization of steem blockchain then restricting certain actions on that account is ok till that threat issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the community.

Although I support this temporary softfork but if we make it permanent then I am against it for below listed reasons:

  1. With this softfork we have eliminated the stake and investments of "some" largest accounts
  2. If this is not reversed then definitely there will be next set of large accounts that can be seen or projected to be seen as threat to steem blockchain and similar action can be executed against those accounts
  3. If this environment persists then nobody would buy steem tokens or work to earn steem tokens - leading to death of the blockchain

So I support the move but I am vigilant to make sure that interests of any investor, including @justinsunsteemit, are not compromised.

I propose that one account should be allowed to vote for only one witness. That will take away huge influence that any single large stake holder currently enjoys.


Your rep is 71, this post got no downvotes and it reads $0.79. But it is hidden due to low rating! I think you are still in the blacklist.

that's right but on many other platforms it does not affect

Doesn't affect steempeak

The changes are not permanent and it’s easily reversible. Also it’s interesting to note that this was originally proposed by Steemit inc few years ago but not implemented in code

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good to know that. lets see what happens

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