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Every day is a vacation. Image source pixabay

Hi, after a long time no news we finally meet again. Have you ever imagined you could work wherever you are and at any time without having to think about running out of money? Yes you right, every day is a vacation. We call it "digital nomad".
Some of us may feel unfamiliar with the term "digital nomad" but believe that this term is really appropriate to say at this time, in 2019.

What is a digital nomad?

Digital, which means from the Greek word that means fingers, symbolizes the numbers 0 and 1 according to 10 the number of fingers [wikipedia].

Whereas those who do not have permanent houses and always move around are called nomads [wikipedia]. so what is the relationship between digital and nomadic?

Along with the development of the times, it turns out that the changing times also affect lifestyles. Like work that previously required everyone to go to the office and at a certain time, using certain clothes and other things that we used to see, now things that are considered impossible have become possible and even become a lifestyle, one of which is digital nomads.

They are a part of the digital nomad

J the trader
In mid-2017, I met a friend, I called him J, J was an optimist with everything he did, every day J was busy with his Macbook and not far from the internet. J is a cryptocurrency trader and has learned it as early as 2015.

J's average monthly income is IDR 7,500,000, - or $ 500, at that time and will continue to increase when cryptocurrency prices rise, such as the end of 2017. Bitcoin rises rapidly to IDR 297,500,000.- on 7 December 2017. Whereas previously the price of Bitcoin was around IDR 60,000,000.- on 8 October 2017 [indodax].

Previously J was a teacher who had a routine like other teachers, finally, J left his workplace and began to seriously study cryptocurrency. J does not have a specific time and place to work, usually J only monitors every cryptocurrency information from his android, according to J the ICO price is very influential to determine the price of the cryptocurrency in the future.

Currently, J is married and has a beautiful daughter. congratulations bro! ;)

imageAll you need is a laptop, internet and a desire to be free from routine.[image source]

F the designer
For our city designers, F is unknown because F is a religious teacher. Actually F is still very young to be called as someone who is quite influential, how not, F can earn more than IDR 12,000,000.- or around $ 800 every month. F usually spends his time working (designing) in cafes, these activities routinely do F every day. F has consumers in almost all countries. F started his design business in 2016 and continues today.
People will not think what exactly is done by F, F even teaches his friends to be like him.

F said that it is actually not easy to change habits, such as the habit of working in the room or even the habit of having to meet directly with consumers. But with courage and high confidence, F can prove it. F has even been fooled by consumers several times, but it is a lesson for F to improve the system he built.

The highest price of Bitcoin on December 7, 2017, image source indodax


Along with the times, a digital nomad is a lifestyle that will continue to influence the next generation, it is possible that in the future a lot of work can be done anywhere and anytime without having to be bound by time and space. You only need a laptop and a good internet network so you can already produce something or even become part of the digital nomad.

Best regards @kharrazi

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