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Today is the first day of my posting payout on the actnearn platform, what do I get? more than 500 actnearn tokens I received and I immediately power up to add power, this I consider important because the increasing user and investor actnearn makes me able to take a little part in the development of the actnearn platform.

my actnearn wallet

how about the actnearn market today?

steem engine

The 24-hour market volume of $ 230 has made the actnearn a little busy lately, I don't know if this was affected by the weekend or not.

Until now the price of actnearn is still maintained at around 0.01 steem because on the market depth chart actnearn is held at 0.01043 steem with a volume of 125 steem.

I also posted it on Twitter

Disclaimer: Don't sell your valuable assets for investment in cryptocurrency, because the price of cryptocurrency is very fluctuating and has a high risk.

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