Emery Wants to Slow Down with Pepe

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Unai Emery knew that public expectancies for Nicolas Pepe could be very big. Therefore, Emery did not want to anticipate some thing fancy from Pepe.

Pepe became the report of Arsenal's buy after being imported from Lille with a tag of seventy two million pounds sterling. Arsenal managed to beat some of pinnacle golf equipment to get the Ivory Coast's signature.

Joining Arsenal, Pepe will surely be a massive burden that allows you to bring the club to compete again at the pinnacle. Even worse because luxurious baderol attached to him.

Playing in opposition as tight as the Premier League is not easy for Pepe, despite the fact that last season he managed to make 22 goals and 11 assists for Lille. Therefore, Emery did not want to burden Pepe from the start and allow him adapt first.

There is a possibility Pepe ought to play his debut suit when the Gunners visited Newcastle United's headquarters this weekend.

"Pepe has been education with us for 2 days and we feel it's far higher for him to teach by myself (as opposed to having to meet Barcelona)," Emery stated on Sportskeeda.

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