This is the cause failure and the success of doing business online

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Hi, how are you friends, this is my writing that will explain to all about online business that so far not yet known, and if you read this article it will know and later you can change life through the way of doing business online.

Okay, this time. I will share my knowledge about online business and 100% succeed. What's the most powerful way to change lives if we do it? Sometimes people around me are confused, how to be a successful person like everyone else out there through online business

Here I have provided the scheme in which this scheme will be discussed today which is an online business secret scheme that causes why many people fail and many also succeed in doing business online, so the answer is in this Scheme.

People who fail in online business especially not because he is stupid and not because he is doomed to fail. But, why do so many people fail in online business? Obviously because they do not understand this scheme. So, on this scheme I've created a pyramid shape, where I've shared various types of zones or periods that you will experience if you just started yourself to get into the online business.

Human beings fail because they do not understand that this world is a struggle, including like you, for those of you who are just starting an online business but no have a results at all. then I dare say that you understand this online business is easy, when in fact not!

Here is a scheme, where all of this explains why people fail in online business and many people succeed in online business?

Schemes become successful in online business

  • Hell Zone

When new people enter the online business world, the first time he will enter into the zone of hell. Why do I mention the zone of hell? This is evident as they will experience a period in which they will feel confused, dizzy, require massive adjustments in their brains, even some of them cry when entered in this zone of hell.

Well, that hell zone when? The hell zone when you are just starting an online business, then that is called the zone of hell. There you will get the temptation to surrender.

There is one question from me, have you tried something good to make blog feel lazy, learn about SIO also dizzy, even when studying Google also dizzy so you really lazy to learn it. Have you ever experienced that? If you have experienced it, then you are in the hell zone

The characteristics of people in the hell zone are people who have more theories rather than practice. That means they like to collect many theories rather than practicing what they have learned so far.

Well, if you've read this article even too much collecting materials about marketing but not practice it, then you include people who are in the red zone or hell zone.

Do you know why many people fail in online business? The answer, because they were too long on the hell zone until they finally gave up.

In this hell zone many losers or people who want easy, cheat and want to quickly, then they will give up. Why? Because they do not realize that the hell zone in the online business is exists, then do not imagine that in the online business there is only a heaven zone.

  • World Zone

This world zone is a zone where we begin to understand. Oh, it turns out SIO is like this, how to create a blog like this, make vidio is like this, make email is like this, it turns out how to do business online is like this. So when we have a lot of practice and a little theory, then we will find a way out and when we have found a way out then that we are already in the zone of the world that we already understand about what we do even though we are still confused, but not too confused.

So, the meaning of the world zone is we will be more self-control to practice as much as 60% and 40% theory. So in other words, when we have entered the world zone then we have more good practice of making SIO, blog, vidio, and others by practicing it immediately after reading theory. That is, want to fail or succeed the most important to practice it, that's the person who is already in the World Zone.

Therefore, what is the characteristic the person in the world zone? They have started to understand then they are not as confused as those who are in the zone of hell. So, the person who enters the world zone in the online business is the one who has a fighting mentality and that person has escaped the mentality of the losers who surrendered in the hell zone.

Well, below is the last zone even this zone is much dreamed by online businessmen around the world that is heaven zone.

  • Heaven Zone

The Heaven Zone is a period where we already understand very well what we do from the various twists and turns of doing business online.

So, the characteristic people who are in this zone are people who have done with practice as much as 90% and theory only 10% only. That is, they are still learning theory, but more on the good practice of making a blog and then write an article or make a video then share it for others. Why can they? Because they have a lot of knowledge and are already in the heaven zone so they can share to make money on the online world

The conclusion is that people who are already in the this heaven zone will be easy to do all they will do because they already understand when they are faced with problems A, B and C. Then this is the time when you reap the results of the struggle.

Well, on here to all my friends, I want to convey also that do not ever believe to the people who say that online business is easy, if anyone who advertises themselves that can become rich fast in the online business then the person is lying, lying, lying and lie. Why? If anyone says that doing business online is as easy as turning the palm of the hand, it means the palm of his hand as big as the elephant's palm, it's makes sense. But, if the palm of his hand like me means he is lying. LoL.

"Online business basically takes a struggle and is followed by a long time and considerable experience"

"Don't get too many theories, but multiply the practice"

All the project developers in Steemit, I'm very sure they are already in the zone of heaven. It means they have struggled and followed the length of time, so they are rich and become Whale.

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Thanks for visiting and reading my article about the success of doing business online and if this article is useful please be share.


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