A cup of coffee gave birth to a simple idea

in #actnearn3 years ago (edited)

Hello to the Actnearn community, today I have taken one simple idea while enjoying a cup of coffee. I do this work to invite other friends who have the creativity to give birth to their ideas in the field of design.

This is the result of my own work while relaxing

We want to announce the contest logo (redesign) as part of an effort to develop the Actnearn website. This is an official announcement supported by the Actnearn team.

Send Actnearn logo design to your posts and include your various social media accounts. Design will be considered by the Actnearn team.

Every design you share will be assessed by @actnearn and team. A good designs will be appreciated by @actnearn and will get an Actnearn Token prize after being selected as the best designer. To be easily assessed, make it #actnearn-contest tagging.

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Linkedin. Youtube. Tumblr. Reddit.


@azirgraff, Good one and let's hope that some amazing pieces are awaiting for this contest.

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I am not a designer, this just trying to follow u frind today,congratulations to u being a whale on the #actnearn platform

What do u have drink coffee.

Thanks @muna.

@muna01 is the best designer in his country. but, I don't know anymore now. How are you friend ?

memang bereh that ide bang Azir, neupeuruno lon bang @azirgraff... 👍👍👍

Ileume angen peupe,, power neu pasoe ju meu bacut, krna teungoeh murah,,posting neupeuget beuget asai bek copy paste. Hehehe.

Akun Twitter droneuh neuboeh di miyub, mangat terdeteksi bak awak tim @actnearn.

Taq : #actnearn-indonesia neuboeh akan di hargai le tim awak nyan dan oleh akun @actnearn langsong. bak loen hanya saran...

Good, please translate english

Okay, thanks.

I only advise him to invest as much as possible and make a good post without plagiarism, then put taq #actnearn-indonesia so that it is easily appreciated.

trimonggenaseh ,, power kalheuh lon pasoe cut bacut, tpi Vp droneuh hana soe koeh... hawa teuh...🙏😊😊

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Wow good idea... I like your design...

But can you build thiS design with Fundamental about ACTION & Earn?

I only display the results, but I don't specify step by step. I'm also sure you have the potential to do it. ..

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